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Posted: Jun 11 @ 2:12pm

After enjoying the game quite a lot. The gamebreaking bugs, that just seem to get worse. Started to put a halt on my enjoyment of the game. And the stance of gunmedia on many of these issues weren't a popular one.

It has been a few weeks now, and they still haven't fixed many of the issues still plagueing the game, and keep in mind you will be paying 40$ for this product. The games concept is great and in my humble opinion far surpasses dead by daylight. However it being dragged down by gamebreaking bugs. PEOPLE BEING ABLE TO EDIT/DELETE YOUR PERKS!

Matchmaking design flaw, where you can't queue as Jason. Which leads to full lobbies of unwilling councillors. That will leave the match as soon as they find out they arent Jason. Which leaves a mediocre match for both the remaining councillors and the Jason. Not to mention the use of exploits by the councillors that prevents jason from killing them. So have fun waiting out the 20 minutes of the game. If you leave before that you wont get the main chunk of experience you see.

And the devs attempts at snuffing out fair criticism for their mistakes.

There were a few posts on the forum, which they started locking after making a announcement. Even the ones that are even slightly related to the subject. Were locked, I decided to make a post questioning this behaviour. I wouldnt have a issue with this, if they didn't delete that post rather then just lock it. They obviously were out to silence the topic of them locking threads. I then proceeded to ask about the thread they deleted, and they deleted and banned me from the forums. This kind of conduct towards their consumers is unacceptable.

The issue they wanted locked in question was the unobtainable character the backers had recieved. People were complaining that it was locked content, and should just be a skin. Gun media answered these cries by saying no. Which is fine, its still a very bad practice. But then something happened, the skin was sold on playstation for a while, non backers were able to buy the skin. Which fueled the fires, and they still refused. This would have been a perfect chance for them to make a exclusive backer skin for backers, and make the unique skill set of a locked character available to the masses even for a price. But they decided not to.

So they started locking the threads that were complaining about this decision. Someone complained about the locking of those threads, and then I seeing them locking that thread. Made a thread of my own towards the devs criticing the locking of threads in general. Which got deleted. They gave no response, and deleted it without a word. I however took screenshots of the entire thread after it got deleted as I could still see it.

So now I am posting this review, which is mainly towards the manner the devs treat their customers, they only respond to customers that fit their narrative, the other ones just get ignored or responded to in a very detatched sticky if it causes enough of a issue for them. To warrant it. Save your money. untill the devs undergo radical changes.
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Michael Jul 13 @ 4:31pm 
They really need to fire Ben aka ThePraetorian for bad leadership.
John doe Jul 13 @ 2:44pm 
ikr now they are fucking making stealth nerfs to counselor perks to make them even weaker then they are now
King Midas Jul 13 @ 2:26pm 
My opinion of them has only continued to fall since this review was posted.
John doe Jul 13 @ 2:24pm 
Good its a piece of shit
spintires off road driver Jul 13 @ 2:20pm 
i would am not eveing going to spend my money on this game.
Michael Jul 10 @ 9:20pm 
Lainey Jul 9 @ 7:51pm 
now this sounds like an actual issue
Michael Jul 9 @ 6:02pm 
The game company GUN studios is into censorship and banning people they don't agree with. That needs to be talked about. Along with the fact that kids are not allowed via the TOS to play this game. read the TOS http://f13game.com/terms-of-use/
dessnr Jul 9 @ 10:18am 
Each segment is 15 minutes long. You don't have to joing us for the full hour if you are not comfortable with that. What we are aiming for is people like yourself and other OP's that have a beef with games, to join us where they can, even if it's for 5, 10 or 15 mins, or even the whole hour if they are up for it, so that gamers have a home to go to for their complaints.

Get some thoughts together about it and join us for a small while. You might enjoy it AND you help the gaming community. Email me at any time.


That goes for any of you that have something to say and want it to go world wide, both on the FM, AM and world wide via the Internet.
King Midas Jul 9 @ 9:37am 
Maybe, haha. Then again my name is based on a greek mythology you might have heard of that which is more likely. Well I am willing to talk about the thing I experienced atleast. But I think its not really worth it unless we can get someone with on hand experience with whats currently happening there as well.