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こんにちわ - Welcome

Work in progress,i'm lazy

Some bio yo
Name: Call me Nico pls
Age: 21
Language: English

Things I like
Gaming of course! I started playing videogames in 2001 with my badass PS2 and Gameboy

Animes! I've been watching them since I was a kiddo, Evangelion, Dragonball, Naruto, Parasyte and Elfen Lied are some of my favourites, just to name a few

Music! I kinda listen to a lot of genres but I focus mainly on metal and punk, I try to expand my music knowledge as much as I can, the only genre I can't really listen to is rap, sorry


Reading! My favourite writer is H..P Lovecraft


Chit-chatting! I'm quite talkative but very shy ( if that makes sense), so I most likely won't start a conversation first

Screenshots and artworks

Humble and polite people,

Vintage! I love vintage style and fashion, there's just something special about those years for me

Things I dislike
Rude/racist/homophobic people

Trolls/ scammers/

Spoiled fuckboys

Pineapple pizza

Favourite Anime AMVs

Dragonball Z - Hero

Dragonball Z - Animal I have become

Dragonball Z - It's my life

Dragonball Z - Indestructible

Favourite Anime openings


Naruto Shippuden 16


Dragonball GT

Cowboy Bebop

Non Non Biyori

Rosario Vampire

Ping Pong



More Anime Related Songs

Courage to tell a lie


Caramel Heaven

Normal Music coming soon
Favorite Game

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