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Fluxiserver's personal heart breaker since 1995.

"When i think of Lemon, i think of a man who has no limits." - Viktor Tsoi
"The wan and only." - Shannon :musicnote:
"Refer to the eleven part plan." - Mouse

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That feeling when you will never get to mow down zipperhead gooks with your self-lubricating Mattel Marauder M-One Six
for the greater divine glory of capitalism and the holy red-white-blue flag waving high up in the hazy orange sky so that
you can get stoned off your head on government sanctioned PCP and step into chink shit covered turd-spikes before the desk
jockeys can promote you to a higher meaning in life after your original commanding officer and best man died from severe
napalm poisoning over 100% of his corporeal body only to be fragged by your lieutenant because he did not i repeat NOT
sign up for this mickey-mouse bullsquash and has had enough of your John Wayne cowboy geriatrics on this side of the DMZ.

There it is.

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lumi Mar 21 @ 3:04pm 
Painful Death Mar 20 @ 3:19pm 
rice smart man
[Fs]Lemonificent Mar 9 @ 11:15am 
Mate i'm hardly a man, and barely just a human being. :kittycaptain:
rawr Mar 9 @ 11:05am 
humenkind are kind ^_^ so if ur real humen u should be kind! cus humenkind = humen alway kind
[Fs]Lemonificent Mar 3 @ 4:17am 
imperium tbh
Rat-Fuck Mar 3 @ 3:40am 
Also cannot understand it is slav. Thinks it is Anglo-American monstrosity.