my dog DIE

the omegle saga:
Stranger: i had a drem where we fucked and her father gets into the room and shoot me 5 times

Stranger: :)
Stranger: u look mess

Stranger: 2015 34% of the world population believe the earth is flat
Stranger: but in 2017 now 66
Stranger: 66%
You: i see.
Stranger: belive the earth is flat
Stranger has disconnected.

Stranger: my life wasn
Stranger: wasn
Stranger: fuck

Stranger: Do you guys know Sans? :) I made a fanart of him fucking my Math teacher :D


That 69s Show: Don't lek go
That 69s Show: Don't lek our love
That 69s Show: Baby don't lek
That 69s Show: Go
That 69s Show: Sometimes we might drift away
That 69s Show: But don't lek go

gaucho marx: it's over for your lek
gaucho marx: I will remember your name
gaucho marx: and tell it to my children
gaucho marx: brave lek succumbed to dota in the grand old year of 2015
gaucho marx: he was a good friend
gaucho marx: but it was too much for any man

Cr1z3: techies you're weird and nasty

Stgggs, on VHS: when you die in an armed robbery at 7/11 i'll pick up the torch and post announcements for you
Stgggs, on VHS: screencap this post it's legally binding

Bloodseeker: are you a fucking bot.

InTrump-: Hey guys what is wrong with you

b0rt: want to hear my VORP acronym
garbage philips: Yes.
b0rt: Very Obvious Reportable Person
b0rt: that's you!
b0rt: you are the god of VORP!

Iam_Fly!!!: srsly if you guys are fucking trolling!!
skorpal crystal: no way dude, we are legit
Iam_Fly!!!: im gonna do a vodoo shit on you three

❤☆Медкотенка☆❤: oliver
❤☆Медкотенка☆❤: dont say that
❤☆Медкотенка☆❤: wait
❤☆Медкотенка☆❤: wtf
You have been kicked from the chat by ❤☆Медкотенка☆❤

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my dog DIE Aug 28 @ 9:53pm 
fuck my dog
Arabian Scandinavian Aug 28 @ 8:39pm 
you love netorare too? im arab from america and i love it so much!
my dog DIE Apr 9 @ 11:38am 
roy g biv: da colorman Apr 9 @ 12:10am 
muna man on it
Van Darkholm Mar 17 @ 6:09pm 
Repeat after me:"ברוך אתה מיצי אלוהינו מלך העולם, שעשה ניסים באבותינו ובפורצאן אמן"

Note: if you really repeated me and wonering if it will work, your nose grew a bit in the process
roy g biv: da colorman Feb 24 @ 1:12am