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LegoTonix, Send me trade offer before add me.   France
If i decline your offer feel free to offer me again is it probably isn't enough for me, also i'm interested in everything if you do good overpay or you do good quicksell price, so if i decline offer is only because isn't enough so feel free to reoffer, if you can do your best offer is always better for me because i'm not often counter offer. Add me or send me trade offer.
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I'm Selling 250+ Unusuals for pure or 25% items/unusuals overpay.

Please send me trade offer instead add me (you can if you comment on my profile before)
Trade offer link :

Pure > Aussies > CS:GO items > Unusual Overpay > Other items Overpay

Don't be afraid to offer, I'm willing to negotiate.
Add me if you want to negotiate (please send me trade offer if you can before)
Thanks you for reading.

Buying quicksell
Yes i'm looking to buying quicksell/disconted unusuals my price all depend how your items is easy/hard to sell i like bulk deal of a lot unusual my stock is 1000 pure keys

So i'll do 35 % off in most case but not always may be more for hard to sell unusual or less if i feel your unusual is easy to selling or i like it

About me

* Don't fall to imposters so make sure to copy my steam id url and copy it on steamrep or
* I will never asking for duped check, and i'm not a admin and i'm not middleman.
* My backpack always worth more than 25 000 $ and i'm rank #25 on
* Profile pic made by Vast

French trading
Yo je suis un tradeur de unusual je vend 250 unu cotre du overpay ou des clés
je achet du quicksell j'ai un stock de 1000 clé pure je fais toujours un bon prix donc si tu es intéressé add moi ou send moi une trade offer (pour info je suis le plus riche français de tf2)

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Sent you a trade
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Added to discuss trade
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Are you going to accept?
Archonz "Scoot" Roaster 13 hours ago 
Offer sent! Thanks for your time!
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sent a trade offer, hope we can make a deal
Earthsea 19 hours ago 
i can get keys can your communicate with me please