i am   Niger

I play PAYDAY 2 sometimes, don't count on me to join your deathwish hoxton breakdances anymore though. Getting back into CSGO and DotA 2. No lifer at Dirty Bomb.

More info available down below.
In non-Steam game
Hello weary traveller.
Salut mes amis, my name's Ghosty. Nice to meet you!

Want to know more about me?

Gamer for 11 years now. Favourite games would be Payday 2, CSGO and Dirty bomb. I'm really interested in modding and mod the shit out of my games.

I know some shit about PCs and I can help you with some basic build stuff/technical problems

My rig

Intel i3-2100 3.10 GHz
MSI GTX Geforce 750Ti Afterburner 2GB
HyperX Cloud Core Headset
FLATRON E2241 60Hz Monitor
Roccat LUA Mouse at 1000 DPI (upto 2000)
CoolerMaster Devastator II Memchanical Keyboard

yes, it makes me cry too

Adding me as a friend

If you're adding me as a friend, make sure you leave a comment on my profile before you do this (only applies if I haven't met you in a game)

I will block and ignore anyone with a private profile or anyone who adds me without any reason.

I'm a nice guy, really , but if you piss me off, you're gonna regret it alot.

I'll usually answer you quickly but if I don't it's because I'm either:
1. Busy in a game
2. Busy in real life
3. Dont feel like talking
4. AFK

That's about it. Add me up for some help in games or if you just want to game, just make sure to leave that comment I said.

Au revoir et à bientôt.

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u semm like a nice guy
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the dosa is a lie