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Joseph Kenyons disciple   Lancashire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I make music sometimes. []
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Hullo frieunds.

I'm Lapis, but you can call me Lapis, Lapis, fat, or Lapis.

If you're a random person who I won't know or someone with a private profile, please leave a comment stating why I should/need to add you.

If I send you a friend request out of the blue, it's probably because I want to be friends with you and you seem like an awesome dude/dudette/duderino/duderinette/potatude
online/looking to play: feel free to talk/play with me!
online (phone): away but using phone, or my phone might just be randomly on.
away: at band or other things
offline: dead

Some form of dream Unusual(s):
Orbiting fire (OR NEUTRON STAR BC IT'S SO PRETTY) Killer Exclusive (pink as hell)
Blizzardy Storm Masters Yellow Belt

Hope you enjoy searching through my steam
funny stuff:

Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): YOU'RE A TRAP
LapisTrademark (<N>): I guess.
LapisTrademark (<N>): *is trap*
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): ''LapisTra...''
LapisTrademark (<N>) has changed their name to LapisTRAPmark (<N>).
LapisTRAPmark (<N>): there
LapisTRAPmark (<N>): I am trap
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): xD

[21:27:41] Atomfox lowhowl: what I'd give to have a threesome with 2 adorable catgirls

[21:28:32] Stephiepoop: i'll be your cat girl senpai

homochu (lapis): please don't unload all your weeby-furry porn on me
homochu (lapis): it is too much for me and my right hand to manoeuvre with- I mean, it's pretty weird.

homochu (lapis): dat ass
homochu (lapis): dat perfectly doable ass

Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): PICKEELS
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): COCKS
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): wait
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): no
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): thats not
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): hold on
Lapis (<N>): lol
Dj - Her3Aft3r (miihy?): what

5:07 lapistrademark: that was a nice meme, joel. A nice meme indeed.

homochu (lapis): stop showing me all these pretty grills
homochu (lapis): you're turning me lesbian

[19:20] homochu (Lapis):

I'm a weeb

I play Nekopara every day
I play Nekopara
I play Nekopara every day
I play Nekopara
[Verse 1: Dominic]
When I wake up
I'm grabbing my dick
I wanna FUCK them all
I wanna play Nekopara
All day long, all day long

I play Nekopara every day
I play Nekopara
I play Nekopara every day
I play Nekopara

[Piano Solo by Dominic]


I play Nekopara every day
I play Nekopara

L E B R 3 : Who?
Timowsky : hitler

Ms. Sassy Cat: I wish I was [cute] though
Lapis (<N>): same. If we try really hard maybe we can be cute.
Lapis (<N>): -begins to concentrate really hard, tensing every muscle-
Lapis (<N>): I think it's worki-
Lapis (<N>): -farts-
Lapis (<N>): nope.

7:58 TheRealFrogMan: do you need to see a doctor
7:58 lapistrademark: probably

1:33 lapistrademark: a demo 5k is easy: just perfectly line your nutsack so one nut lies on M1 and the other on M2, whack them on the mouse and boom stickybomb 5k yo

6:41 lapistrademark: I like coke
6:41 lapistrademark: it makes me forget about problems
6:41 lapistrademark: like my coke addiction


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