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Whoever coined the phrase 'quiet as a mouse' has never stepped on one.

Hiper1010: This is why I hate the FPS Gaming community for almost a passion. Just full of weird lonely no-lifers who usually have no lives outside ruin the fun for even regular gamers by using hacks and proudly call themselves what they call a "Troll". They think they can make other people feel suicidal by bragging on a load of bullshit saying "Come at me, I fucked your mom last night. Oh get some skill kid." Like, really? It's pretty obvious you'd never had sex with my mom, your just a lonely gamer with no life outside. Then they think they can become YouTubers but do what nearly every other FPS gamer YouTuber does and always use some weird dubstep music. Just so annoying.

Hiper1010: Lak3 Wow, you really are pathetic. Why are you still continuing this? Who are you to tell me I shouldn't be developing games? Like, what was you like trying to get skills at FPS games? Oh of course, you use hacks because your too lazy to even make a proper attempt at getting good at anything. And another thing, what is it about my game that makes you think its the final version? I never said in my video it was perfect how it was and neither was the anywhere near ready to the final version. I still find it funny how you looked on my channel to find a video of mine just so you could try and shame me just for making some progress to a game project. And whats a school girl to do with anything? That doesn't even work as an insult. Meanlike I feel better that you called me that. Just think. Whats the difference between a games developer still trying to learna and do there best, compared to a gamer who plays games and lets community-made hacks do all the work for thereself?

Hiper1010: No... No. This is what I mean, always people like you always think just because I'm not a hacker who probably lost a match to hackers before in games apparently means I should just get emotional and leave the internet. Like what? Why should I leave the internet just because of two people who can't play games properly. Have you not gone around to all the other comments to tell everyone else the same thing? Like kid, just hush up will ya? Get back with your gaming, or YouTube channel, go do your usual cringe hack showcase. Add some more cringe dubstep to the background like you's usually do. Internet or no internet, I can at least live with both. Your probably just stuck home all the time just on Steam, just be sure not to shamefully humiliate yourself.

Hiper1010: I'm still laughing that you still think I'm mad. I'm enjoying watching you's try-hard like usual Steam gamers like you do. I'm pointing out reasons to why you's are wrong. Do you's honestly think I'm lying in my bed crying just because one person says he thinks my apparently-finished-and-polished game is really bad. I don't have to take that as an insult, I could just count that as feedback. I already took enough negative feedback from friends before and that helped improve my past game projects before. I don't need to get mad at an hacker with bad grammar that constantly uses internet phrases and slang. Just hush up.

Виталичь : your mum is dad

PIXZOR: I think I find it easier to buy or order cheat anyone - else than to wait until you answer
Lak3: Well go for it and remove me from your friends list.
Lak3: Goodbye.
PIXZOR: suck my dick
PIXZOR: idiot
PIXZOR on nyt Kirjautunut ulos.

Lak3: Yes?
okancesur58: how are you
okancesur58: ı watching you hack videos
okancesur58: and ı like you videos
okancesur58: but ı am vac banned :(
okancesur58: because ı use your hack :(
okancesur58: how can ı remove vac ban ?
okancesur58: :(((

Spook: header files don't work for me

*KUOLLUT* LΣVΣL : =))))))))))))))))))
LΣVΣL : Goodbye M9 knife :(
LΣVΣL : Scout through gate, 100% hit succes
LΣVΣL : Report botting your ass
LΣVΣL : Enjoy
LΣVΣL : Easiest VAC ever =))) 180 no scope headshot =)))
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