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Ohai there! I'm Jade, though I go by Dawn across my various channels and social media. I'm a long time gamer, a content creator, an avid lover of the written word, and a bit of a tech geek. I'm pretty friendly, so drop a message on my profile if you'd ever like to chat.

I play all sorts of games, though my favourite genres are rogue-like, strategy, and virtually anything with crafting. I'm a girl, yes--and a gay one at that. I'm engaged to the lovely Neenja Niko.

The fianceé and I post gameplay videos of indie games--from demos to alphas/betas to completed games--on YouTube. We have fun and expose a variety of titles and genres to the gaming community. We also host the occasional Twitch [] stream, if you're into that sort of thing. Finally, you can follow our Curator Page above where we'll post reviews and Early Access Reports.

We post a few times a week and the games featured in my "Game Collector" tab below are typically the ones for which we're working on gameplay.

Thanks for reading~
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[h1]If Rampage and Pikmin had a baby, you’d get Anarcute’s gameplay. Add adorable 3D graphics, a catchy electronic soundtrack, and a host of unlockable skills and animal types and you’ve got Anarcute.[/h1]

Anarcute is one of those games that slipped through the cracks. I have very little to say about it negatively beyond wishing that there was more stages, but I’ll address that in a bit.

The premise of the game is as follows: the world is under the boot of a gas-masked dictator and his riot-geared police force and it's up to /you/ to rally your own forces--never mind that you’re all cutesy, big-eyed critters of the land and sea -- and fight back!

You begin every map with a base group and to fill out your ranks you simply need to walk into other groups of protesters, which can be found on the map. Some will require you to liberate them from cages by smashing “A” or and others can only be accessed by traversing laser and/or minefields. You get a bonus to your rating at the end of a map based on how large your remaining group is, so it would behoove you to take extra care with your riotous cuties.

You also get a bonus for completing your objectives quickly and for beating up the fuzz (haha, get it?)

These objectives includes sabotaging enemy communications, surviving waves of enemies, rallying at predetermined points, and whatever else a good riot committee does nowadays. There are a total of four major cities you’ll rampage through - Tokyo, Paris, Miami, and Reykjavik- and each has its own aesthetic theme and soundtrack. The soundtrack is really, really good. Did I mention that?

Throughout your rampage from node to node on the map, you’ll also see dialogue-less cutscenes during which your masked oppressors will behave nefariously. You’ll also encounter boss fights--one per city--which consist of mechanical giants. Like any good boss, these have attack patterns and stages, during which they’ll change up those patterns. Taking down an entity that big and hulking is satisfying.

After you complete a node, you are graded for your performance and rewarded with a single token. These token can be used on the customization screen to buy powers from the vending machine. There are three tiers of powers, each of which require a certain mob size before you can use them in combat. These powers are a mixture of passive stat increases and special attacks, so find the right combination to suit your play style and sometimes the stage.

There is a bonus to completing each stage with the highest rank (S) so that adds a bit of replayability. There are also different animal types to discover, meaning you’ll need to play stages perfectly or play them twice - once to discover hidden animals and once to get through as quickly as possible - in order to reach 100%

[list][*] A fun mashup of Rampage-esque destruction and Pikmin-esque mob management.
[*] The variety of places to riot through each with their own musical and aesthetic theme.
[*] Cutesy animals… on a warpath. What is there not to like?
[*] Destruction is satisfying.
[*] Levels are quick to playthrough allowing you to tailor the length of your gameplay sessions.
[*] Different powers give you a bit of leeway in how you play.
[*] Buy the soundtrack. Do yourself a favour…[/list]

[list][*] The game is short. Depending on skill level, you can finish it in six hours. Replayability also hinges on skill level
[*]The difficulty spikes at random. The Diamond Tour stage in Miami has frustrated me time and again. Everything else has been very manageable
[*]Gameplay can get repetitive. The stealth stage(s) are a nice touch, but mostly you’ll be destroying targets
[*]The horrifying feeling you get  from seeing those cute little bodies littered on the ground because you weren’t careful enough--you monster[/list]

.Bottom Line.

The game is a blast. It offers a healthy dose of challenge and a fun and hectic atmosphere, though gameplay can become repetitive

If you're a lover of music and cute things, you'll want to check this out. If you're a completionist who likes to get perfect scores and collect all possible collectables, there's something for you as well. If you want to break things and challenge The Man, buckle up and get your riot on.

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