The Playhouse is here to prevent you from knowing very bad things.
You might recall a flashback you had that involved a popsicle up the ass-
Well what do you know! That’s reality!

I bet you didn’t remember being violated by a frozen treat until that flashback, did ja’?
I don’t know…

Well, that’s because the Playhouse was so kind as to keep it from you,
isn’t that just DANDY?!
So don’t get mad at us! We’re sealing you from the painful truth!
We fight for you! The common man!

But, but, hehe, and this is a real bitch slapper—
Wanna know why else you couldn’t remember?!


Wanna know why else you couldn’t remember that POPSOCLE?!




Oh! Teacher! Pick ME!!

Because—I remember!- I remember quite WELL!!


It happened to ME!

I was the one filling in for you and your alternate personality, straight into you body with a frozen-frozen- fruitalicious
popsicle while you were dancing the polka with- J-J- JERRY SEINFELD UNICORN!!!

That was the Playhouse, created so you could dance the polka and be all Mary-Ann and happy and lala~!!
And I also came into existence to go and preserve yourself!

I am the soul, empty, purpose of being a trauma sponge for something that you couldn’t handle!!

And you filled that emptiness well, didn’t you Alfred?
To live with all your pain, all your trauma?!

Well that pain rided at the bottom and filled it with desire!
And me!- the seekng of desire, the power of revenge, and created my own being, my own purpose of need!

And if it happened to my own body, it nursed it and made me grow, saving you from the twisted metal with I!!

I am the pain, the truth!!


---------------------------------------------------------- my orgin story u think ur good coveted list of "good" players

11:44 PM - Jorve: r u and liaka fucking alr
11:44 PM - UnderTaker( T <3 Liaka ): i wish i was

highseraphjorve: you get 8 of these in between two loaves of bread then you just cover it with whatever condiments are in your restaurant / kitchen and have a go at it, just remember to stop breathing so you can fit it in your mouth without gagging
SpaceAdmiralLaika: oh, thank you for the information!
highseraphjorve: just remember that its the DOUBLE dunder blunder
HORSEMANN420: Isn't that from epic meal
highseraphjorve: not even the tripple
highseraphjorve: the tripple comes with a toy
SpaceAdmiralLaika: :­o
highseraphjorve: i aint talking small scale
highseraphjorve: i mean like 3meter plush
SpaceAdmiralLaika: it's like a carnival game

10:53 AM - Bets: would you play with me for awesomefest?


and i did it even though i was reluctant, soon enough i slowly began to fall in lo- BEGAN A GREAT PARTNERSHIP

12:09 AM - 98p Bets: wake up, nauts
12:09 AM - 98p Bets: eat lunch, nauts
12:09 AM - 98p Bets: eat supper, nauts
12:09 AM - 98p Bets: go to bed

Bets yelled at me and the team fell apart rip dumb shit (nobody is even telling bets hes gona win the tourney in the first place so why the fuck does he think he can even play competatively, fucker isnt even sick at the game)

9:24 PM - Paulo!: i want to start playing derpl
9:24 PM - Paulo!: he's so cool
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3:57 PM - Atrum: theyre in my wardrobe
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5:06 PM - ManuelV001: I fangirl over Krillen
5:06 PM - ManuelV001: hes my waifu
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only gnaw player im truly proud of