Andrej Naumovski   Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
2x 1st Double Trouble
1x 2nd Battle of Champions
2x 1st 1v1 Legends

Esequa @ T Start : fucking burger))
Esequa @ T Start : om nom

kLemz : go smoke dick

*DEAD* FOX LUCKY : bb acc
*DEAD* FOX LUCKY : you mom tomorrow dead

*DEAD* ONLINEfreaks : smook wish your mother to die from cancer in front of your eyes
*DEAD* ONLINEfreaks : dickhead

*DEAD* 0nkioz <3 Roxy : smook nice jump shot
0nkioz <3 Roxy : best reported

● (Terrorist) ✪ share @ T Start : its like
● (Terrorist) ✪ share @ T Start : have cancer

*DEAD* HarDCore♥ : smook
*DEAD* HarDCore♥ : please cs go delete

*DEAD* laborka =D : get cancer and die in real life ninja low fag

『CRϒىTαレ』 | {LINK REMOVED} : he are worst player

*DEAD* $uicide : nice camp fucking idiot
*DEAD* $uicide : ur mom will die today

miGGE : u now me on friends nice

*DEAD* duckling : what to heck ? ? ? ?

'My rank? My rank idi nahuy' - Lisa 2k16

*DEAD* -pwnz : he my awp...
*DEAD* -pwnz : fucking camper

*DEAD* NiVAC : nice kil in the smoke you facking spudit

*DEAD* ´E X C I T E . : smook fuck your mother
*DEAD* ´E X C I T E . : in smoke deagle

● *DEAD* cmd : smook 1st time play cashe.
● *DEAD* cmd : (

*DEAD* (: : you kill me ture smoke?

*DEAD* CYKACHUUU !! сука сука : how u know,?

*DEAD* MaHDapuHoBbIu *Tesoro : fck u lucker...

*DEAD* MarK : match is win

*DEAD* Anno : wp mr lagger low idiot low fps sucker

*DEAD* rekt repulsor : smook maika ti da eba waller

● (Counter-Terrorist) flux @ CT Start : why he cames mm?
● (Counter-Terrorist) flux @ CT Start : ffs fucking retardes

SB ✪Cαρтη ☠ ρrovoCuηт : SMOOK NMICE CHEAT

*DEAD* The Suspect : smook reported

✪ Mr.GoldieR : np we can feeds you
✪ Mr.GoldieR : your mom free

Bartosz Kopacz {LINK REMOVED} : bay bay acc

Arch {LINK REMOVED} : facking mazer


Мося тетя песя : sucked my a big fat


● (Counter-Terrorist) ✪ cYphER @ CT Start : how cares?

*DEAD* MURAT^^ : what is rank
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smook Feb 25 @ 4:17pm 
get shrekt son, you have the right to be mad nigguh
robotiC Feb 25 @ 3:54pm 
-rep cancer mom pls
lerujIN シ MS ズ Jan 18 @ 10:45am 
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Nicer Dicer Fusion Jan 18 @ 9:24am 
ayy, karma bitch
lerujIN シ MS ズ Jan 18 @ 4:04am 
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theoryyy Jan 17 @ 1:50pm 
so mad bro, was jk :(