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Hello Everyone, I am Donkey, the best way to contact me is NOT adding me through steam, Please, add me through Discord - Donkey#2166 [Discord.gg]

Hi there, welcome to my profile!

As you should be able to tell, I am Donkey, or GamingDonky.

I play lots of TF2 and Overwatch, with a little dash of Rocket League every once in a while.

I also own a community called Infrared, but that only operates in the summer time.

Memorable Quotes

Cycro - Just about everyone in Alabama has chickens in their backyards
Cycro's Mom - Thats a damn lie!
Donkey - What did she say?
Cycro - She said thats a lie
Cycro's Mom - I said thats a DAMN LIE
Cycro - Im not allowed to say that, youd whip me
Cycro's Mom - Damn right i would

Wm - Woahh!!!!
Donkey - what?
Wm - I burped in my straw and it made bubbles in my drink
Wm - SCIENCE!!!!!

Bisquit (an 11 year old playing rocket league) - Im gunna ram him! im gunna ram him!
Donkey - Stop, no, no, stop!
Barry - hahahhahahahahhahahahahah
Bisquit - whats so funny?

Squidly - Rez, come play rocket league with me and donkey
Donkey - yea
Rez - wait...
Donkey - what?
Rez - How do you sign up on myspace?

Donkey - I mean yea, Nick is the only 13 year old ive ever met that i have liked
Boy - Yea, nick is one of those special 13 year olds
Donkey - no, im just messing with Cycro, hes 13 also
Cycro - yea
Boy - Well age is just a number it doesnt mean anything
Cycro - Isnt that exactly what pedophiles say?

BoyledWater - My headset was $40 becuase it was on sale but its from china so its really good
Donkey - Does it being from china make it good?
BoyledWater - No..no....noo
Donkey - K
Boyledwater - When i first got it it had all this aisian writing on it

Donkey - *Leaves comment on rez's profile
Rez - Wow, seriously, die
Donkey - Damn rez, you run a tough bargain
Donkey - Deal

Me - u know what they say, or what the pope says
Me - i like it when you call me big pope-a, throw your hands in the air, if it's a true prayer
Grandfather - you spend too much time on that internet

(TEAM) Thermosman : scouts infiltrating
(TEAM) DNKy #lax : sounds hot

Well not much more to say exept....
.▀█▀.█▄█.█▀█.█▄.█.█▄▀ █▄█.█▀█.█─█
─.█.─█▀█.█▀█.█.▀█.█▀▄ ─█.─█▄█.█▄█

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Misc. Information
Information about me

• I am DNKy or Donkey

• I own a community called Infrared [infraredcommunity.com]

• I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 [teamfortress.com] and Overwatch [playoverwatch.com]

• I enjoy gaming with my F R I E N D S


Donkey#2166 [discord.gg]

Twitch [twitch.tv]

Infrared Community [infraredcommunity.com]

Donkey#11170 [battle.net]

ESEA [play.esea.net]

UGC [www.ugcleague.com]

Competitive Experience


• UGC Season 17 - Spy Sub - Iridium - Iron

• UGC Season 18 - Spy/Demo Main - Armored Saints - Iron

• UGC Season 19 - Spy Sub - Iridium - Steel

• UGC Season 20 - Demo Main - Lightly Salted Diqs - Steel

• UGC Season 21 - Demo Main - Envision Crew - Steel

• UGC Season 22 - Soldier Main - Lightly Salted Diqs - Silver


• UGC Season 21 - Demo Main - Infrared - Iron

• UGC Season 22 - Demo Main - Lightly Salted Diqs

• ESEA Season 24 - Demo Main - Envision Crew - Open

• UGC Season 23 - Roamer Main - Million Dollar Extreme - Silver


• UGC Season 10 - Soldier Main - Envision Crew - Steel

Recent Activity

4,865 hrs on record
last played on Jun 15
137 hrs on record
last played on Jun 3
1,430 hrs on record
last played on May 29
bcn Jun 14 @ 5:01pm 
yo spirit, only i can use that name unless me and dinky winky wonky authorize it
spirit Jun 14 @ 4:35pm 
7:34 PM - spirit: dinky winkey wonky will u marry me
7:34 PM - DNKy: yes
7:34 PM - DNKy: ily
i_throw_rocks_at_fat_kids Jun 11 @ 10:06am 
+rep. Donkey, I've been friends with you for around 3 years now, and I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing times we've had together. I remember first meeting you and hating your guts because you kept killing me in the tryouts for IR! LOL! But then we became best friends. More than best friends. We made a TF2 team together called Infrared, and it turned into our huge community. Sure, we went through some hardships with each other, but we still ended up friends in the end.

Now for today...

I really enjoy playing with you, but you never want to play anymore... I've been hanging out with Cycro only for about 4 months now... Donkey. Please come back. I miss you. I miss the times where we would sit around for hours at a time playing TF2 or anything, just laughing our asses off at the simplest things in the world... I miss you Donkey. Please come back.
spirit May 30 @ 8:51am 
can u update ur link pls my steam url has changed to something dank
bcn May 6 @ 8:48am 
wait no, dinky winky wonky
bcn May 6 @ 8:48am 
fuck donkey, dinky ftw