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Steam Is amazing! I just wish they would add more oldschool FPS games. I'm a sucker for oldschool FPS, anything before 2004 .
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King Gnarltoof Jun 21 @ 11:21am 
Ya, Quake 1. If so we should play together sometime! My friend who used to gave up Quake :(
King Gnarltoof Jun 21 @ 11:18am 
Do you still play Quake?
[ λlt ] Jun 21 @ 8:30am 
yeah buddy! keep it up! long live old fps!
[ λlt ] Jun 21 @ 2:10am 
owww shit, great tastes in gaming!
woa, you just bought deer huntin'
Selous Templar Jun 14 @ 10:31pm 
Yes, I do take amusement from their Occult, as it brings humor in these troubled times.
CASAxLAN Jun 5 @ 6:45pm