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23:21:41 dabeste :'>: my fucking god
23:24:48 dabeste :'>: just throw your damn pc out of the window
23:24:50 dabeste :'>: fucking kid

dismemberator7 : I aint saying you are total noob for using stickies, but maybe you would find demoknight more interesting?

Kuma | Kill me now #ReviveRapid: I have gf
Homicidal_Duck is now Online.
Homicidal_Duck: Really?
Kuma | Kill me now #ReviveRapid: Yes
Homicidal_Duck: Body pillows don't count

*DEAD* TheSuspect#NewPC: australium noob lmao <-- Triggered by me

Fellen: i want you to fuck me jerry
Kuma | Kill me now #ReviveRapid: Sword fite
Fellen: FUCK ME
Kuma | Kill me now #ReviveRapid: ALRIGHT

maeretraffic: i just sain youre pussy
maeretraffic: if u use revolver <---- I was an enemy spy and headshot him with the amby so he bitches about it for a match and votekicks me ;^)

0:03 - Fellen: U r so fucking hot

0:10 - Kuma The KamWhore: I sexually identify as an LG Smart TV
0:43 - Kuma The KamWhore: I'm a disabled black trans Jew.
0:43 - Kuma The KamWhore: I'm always politically correct.z
0:18 Yuki - bby pin me down by my skirt and tug my collar to kiss me <3

Domestic abuse with brick
Nothing like a good nut: honey
Nothing like a good nut: this is an abusive relationship
Nothing like a good nut: N-noh! I'll succ u off again not infront of the kids
Brickiest Brick: i dont want your SUCC
Brickiest Brick: all i want
Brickiest Brick: are your SANDWICHES
Nothing like a good nut: Okay
Nothing like a good nut: daddy
Nothing like a good nut: will we have sexy time tonight?
Brickiest Brick: yes babi
Brickiest Brick: and you'll chOKE AND DIE
Brickiest Brick: in front of the kids
Brickiest Brick: and then ill have to kill the kids
Nothing like a good nut: oh
Nothing like a good nut: daddy
Nothing like a good nut: ur kinky
Brickiest Brick: or else they'll put daddy in jail
Brickiest Brick: and then after they're dead
Brickiest Brick: i'll put em in the freezer
Brickiest Brick: along with YOU
Brickiest Brick: then i'll change my name
Brickiest Brick: and move to the moon
Nothing like a good nut: But
Nothing like a good nut: I love u
Brickiest Brick: until the lack of oxygen wears away at my temporary supply
Brickiest Brick: and i suffocate
Brickiest Brick: alone
Nothing like a good nut: oh
Nothing like a good nut: ..
Brickiest Brick: oh my day was good too
Nothing like a good nut: Then we get married again?
Brickiest Brick: yeah
Nothing like a good nut: good
Nothing like a good nut: xd

Discord + Team shit
Pants Wrestler Woona - Today at 8:22 PM: Do you only study the meme subjects?
Kuma - Today at 8:26 PM: Do you only study academics but complain about "immigrants taking our jobs" when your subjects like maths and science land you an 8 hour per day job in Sainsbury's barely earning enough to provide the lube needed when you peel back your rolls of foreskin to jerk to lolicon hentai?

"Utsuho is a shitty butterball" -Woona May 11th 2k17

"Utsuho is a fatty, fat, fat" -Woona 2k17

Stupid soldier mains
Deep, sensual whispers.: check trades u lesbian
kn: ok babe

Scam attempted
-GoV-DedAndrei 600 Unusuals: your unusual is for trade ?
-GoV-DedAndrei 600 Unusuals: im willing to ovarpay your 2 unusual
Alex from cowchop: You have a private backpack
Alex from cowchop: and you're impersonating
-GoV-DedAndrei 600 Unusuals: yes i am
-GoV-DedAndrei 600 Unusuals: and i love you
Alex from cowchop: Lmao
-GoV-DedAndrei 600 Unusuals is now Offline.

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My underage wife

Wtf is a main...?

FluffyParfait drew my profile picture.

About Commissions:
- I've now started taking commissions, most will be free however if it's something that will take alot of time and effort the maximum I will charge is 1 key (its much less than the working wage I'd get but I'm drawing for the fun of it) I will eventually however, start charging once I get more and more of an influx of people, then I'm assuming I'd charge 2-3 keys.
- I will only deal with 3 people at a time to help stray from a backlog of drawings that need be done.

Cool people worth mentioning...
Harbinger We walked a cross country race IRL and we didn't come last.
Gordon Taught me the basics of trading but blocked me after an argument
gost Helped me essentially git gud, well reasonably okay at TF2 through verbal advice
Kuuko Brokered stuff for me like nice dude
mars Gave me a free game before it was released; also really great dev
Yaze IRL friend for too many years
Duck Stupid britfag mate who used to mess around in casual with me
Juggernaut Great SFM artist and really nice guy
Pingu Friends of britfag duck
Fellen Favorite yugoslav <3
Applz Fav African loser
MolotovRocket Great dude
Maze Former best friendo till he dissappeared, R.I.P Maze
Yuki Waifu 101
Princess Fun streamer to play with
RoR Makes great SFM posters too!
Kiko Confused Waifu 101
throni Scout god and emotional support
Purple Great trader person, really nice.
Huntsman Really nice guy, great trader and helped me start up w/ trading
mb Trading father, literally helps me out with essentially all of my trades, real nice guy
Freezer Close friend, fun to talk to and play with
Runic Memey britfag friend, real fun to play with and talk to
ProjectSnow Great IRL friend of mine who incidently is the king of roasts
Madara Backed me when some fuccboi tried starting a storm
Space4Cake Jailbreak mate, also backed me against fuccboi puberty-kid
Pablo Commonwealth, nuff said. tried changing his name to lambda, fuck that, you always will be known as PABLO boiii!
DR. Suprise Free keys!
More Quotes

»» Harbinger ««: r u actually depressed
»» Harbinger «« is now Online.
Fuck your aspergers retard: Yes
Fuck your aspergers retard: I am
»» Harbinger ««: yes
»» Harbinger ««: do u wanna know what's funny
»» Harbinger ««: it's all downhill from 25
»» Harbinger ««: and we're pretty close to hitting that

S o u n d c l o u t : You went my counter
=WL= FBI (1588) joins arena Granary Middle.
S o u n d c l o u t : so I went your counter
S o u n d c l o u t : easy
*SPEC* mlg pro : you play in ammomod pyro
*SPEC* mlg pro : mad
S o u n d c l o u t : nah
*SPEC* mlg pro : and i win
S o u n d c l o u t : you left
S o u n d c l o u t : cool
S o u n d c l o u t : ;)
*SPEC* mlg pro : you rage for play pyro
*SPEC* mlg pro : retard
*SPEC* mlg pro : !
mlg pro left the game (Disconnect by user.)

happybirfdaey tf2: You done?
Spiders!: Oh
Spiders!: Sorry
Spiders!: I'm back
Spiders!: That was a bit longer than 10 minutes xD
happybirfdaey tf2: ok
Spiders!: So
Spiders!: You taking PayPal for your demo unu
Spiders! is now Away.
happybirfdaey tf2: Yes
Spiders! is now Online.
Spiders!: Ok
Spiders!: Also
Spiders!: How much do you want for the mask
Spiders!: Also I rlly like youe hobo hat
Spiders!: *your
happybirfdaey tf2: The mask would be about £100
happybirfdaey tf2: The Bonnet isn't for sale
happybirfdaey tf2: but If I was gonna sell it, it would be for £350
Spiders! is now Away.
happybirfdaey tf2 has changed their name to Aleks: You dirty little swine..
Spiders! is now Online.
Spiders!: I can do something close to that
Spiders!: For both of them
Spiders!: My rule is you go first
Spiders!: Just to get that out of the way
Aleks: You dirty little swine.: Yeah, I'm not going first.
Aleks: You dirty little swine.: I have a lot to lose and a little to gain.
Spiders!: Alright man
Spiders!: Good luck trading ^_^
Aleks: You dirty little swine.: Thanks
Aleks: You dirty little swine.: Btw, I checked your steamrep (banned) and your bp.tf (also banned) so I knew you'd try something in the end.
Spiders! is now Online.
Spiders!: Yeah ok
Spiders!: Doesn't necessarily mean I was attempting anything sketchy
Spiders!: I've changed
Spiders!: And If I didnt change I would just make a new account
Aleks: You dirty little swine.: I mean, given your record it does, and you telling me to go first is literally a classic scam of >I'll send money after.
Aleks: You dirty little swine.: I've dealt with all the scams in the Scamming Bible tbh so nothing's gonna fool me.
Spiders! is now Away.
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These aren't for sale, don't even offer unless you're willing to pay over the bible.tf price.

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sell ur antlers jew
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