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Machina and razorback banned in UGC. At this point I've stopped doing bleach shots and I'm just chugging the bottle.

Offically Buttfinn's bae

Buttfinn: I got bodyshot by the machina so hard my game crashed

Kirby J. Parasol: faking outpost
Kirby J. Parasol: more like outhouse
Kirby J. Parasol: because all the offers belong in the toilet

Milk Shake: Why don't you like sixes
Milk Shake: Is it because you're gay?
Kubrick: I'm not the one wearing a snuggie.

Ron Burgundy:Kind of a big deal: lol did you had downs?

coldsnap: is resistances under canteen?

Lady\\\: No you always pocket the heavy and only the heavy, if you do the rest of your team won't take damage. How can you have so many tours and not know this?

MysticalMustache: yeehaa
MysticalMustache: guys
MysticalMustache: im a yeehaaw :)
Kubrick: no you're a ding dong
=GFC= Haxii: ^

Sleepy: Crackle would blow you for a cheeseburger

Hɪᴋᴀʀᴜ =PB=: Your voice.
Hɪᴋᴀʀᴜ =PB=: It's like an innocent child but with a masculine impurity shaming itself.

$ALEX$: kubrick take the dick out your mouth and get a life
gameME: $ALEX$ (Pos 130, 15,170 points) disconnected (Pos +2, +189 points)

wat is an kirnuh: The itsy bitsy Kubrick went to the balcony
wat is an kirnuh: Out popped the spy, so he used a jar of pee
wat is an kirnuh: He jumped in the lake to wash off all the pee
wat is an kirnuh: So the itsy bitsy Kubrick went back to snipe again

caballero negro: you are muted
caballero negro: stupid kubrick
caballero negro: noob
caballero negro: camper

『NovianViolet』: YOUR SO
『NovianViolet』: FULL OF SHIT

Hostile: Kubrick roams. Alot of snipers in steel have mentors, and they assume "The enemy sniper will be there, and i can counter them from here" and then kubrick is just standing on the roof.

Hostile: Someone said they wanted to have sex with the toothless dragons there.
Engauge: It's like having sex with a baby
Hostile: A) Have you fucked a dragon?
Hostile: B) Have you fucked a baby?
Kubrick: C) Where did C go?
Engauge: It had a C-section.

Kubrick: You want this bounty rune?
A Pretty Pony: I'm max level
Kubrick: It's still money
A Pretty Pony: It's like 3 dollars
Hostile: You'd suck a dick for 3 dollars
A Pretty Pony: I'd suck it for free if it was a nice dick

I GOT YOU FAM: Nyx i will rape your family in front of you omg die

ƒuck it ™: You sound like a rapist

T3rro: What are tampax?

mikshak: The falls were cool
mikshak: I went on the boat
mikshak: And my poncho flew up from the bottom
mikshak: I felt like I was a high schooler in an anime with the skirt flying up
mikshak: And her freaking out because her crush is right there
mikshak: And by crush I mean tons of fucking water

Kubrick: i was literally sitting in the porta potty
Kubrick: 'i killed two people, clean up boys'
Kubrick: and then this guy just goes stomping by
*DEAD* Frozen Fig Newtons : did u happen to look in the bowl and see my team

Kirby J. Parasol: He has a pet mosquito, it's named Hostile

bmo: Spooky asked about you today
bmo: "Where's Kubrick daddy?"
bmo: "I don't know son, some say he just went off to the woods to die and some say he's panning meds in places I can't even pronounce"

Sketti: I was once flamed at in french in dota
Sketti: It was my most homoerotic experience in the game

Kirby J. Parasol: He's currently hitler in the mines of moria, forging the one ring.

TF2Center: † Jesus was banned from this Lobby by Kubrick

[smoke] Rec: if kubrik actually taunts, the scrim is cancled at that very moment and we will never play again.

Kubrick: part of my strat is to tilt bad players
amby only: i have 12 fps and my med wont heal
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no sir you rejected my taunts, you get nothing
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people dont respect the greatsword of judgement
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ahh damn. shoulda seen cheese build coming.