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Some awesome symbols and letters to pimp out your steam profile
☺ Dark Happy Face ☻ Frowning Face ☹ Smiley Face ッ Yin Yang ☯ Peace Sign ☮ Hangul Letter ㅊ Star ✶ Star ★ Star Outline ☆ Star Outline ✮ Arabic Star ٭ Star Circle ✪ Star Circle ⍟ Star of David ✡ Star and Crescent ☪ Ankh ☥ Flower ✾ Flower ✿ Flower ❀ Spade ♠ Heart ♥ Heart ♡ Diamond ♦ Diamond ♢ Diamond ◊ Shamrock or Club ♣ Clover ✤ Horseshoe Ω Crown ♚ 3D Cross ✞ Cross ♰ Cross ♱ Greek Cross ✙ Dagger / Sword † Double Dagger ‡ Sun
☼ Black Sun ☀ Sun Circle ❂ Moon ☽ umbrella ☂ Snowflake ❄ Snowman
☃ Comet ☄ Cloud ☁ Lightning ϟ Skull and Crossbones ☠ Male Sign ♂ Female Sign ♀ Aries ♈ Taurus ♉ Gemini ♊ Cancer ♋ Leo ♌ Virgo
♍ Libra ♎ Scorpio ♏ Aquarius ♒ Pisces ♓ Capricorn ♑ Sagittarius ♐ Music Note ♪ Music Notes ♫ Thick X ✖ Radioactive ☢ Biohazard ☣ Caduceus ☤ Hammer Sickle ☭ Airplane ✈ X Box ☒ Check Box ☑ Check Mark ✓ Filled Box ■ Empty Box ☐ Triangle ∆ Black Triangle ▲ Pyramid Dots ஃ om symbol ૐ Chinese Ball ۝ Fire Hydrant ۩ Eyes ◉◉ Octagonal Design ۞ Integral ∮ Headphones ☊ Phone ☎ Mail ✉ Tape Drive ✇ Mountains ᄿ Hot Springs ♨ Psi Ψ Currency ¤ Cent ¢ Pound £ Yen ¥ Euro Sign € Section § Copyright © Registered Trademark ® Trademark ™ Degree ° Backwards Question Mark ؟ Upside Down Question Mark ¿ Upside Down Exclamation Mark ¡ Quotation Mark « Quotation Mark » Left Arrow ← Right Arrow → Down Arrow ↓ Up Arrow ↑ Left Right Arrow ↔ Double Left Arrow ⇐ Double Right Arrow ⇒ Double Up Arrow ⇑ Double Down Arrow ⇓ Double Left Right Arrow ⇔ Left Wave Arrow ↜ Right Wave Arrow ↝ Left Arrow with Loop ↫ Right Arrow with Loop ↬ Down Zig-Zag Arrow ↯ Partial Differential ∂ Pi π Backwards E ∃ E ∈ Number Sign № Circle Around Plus Sign ⊕ Sound Recording Copyright ℗ Numbers in Circles ➀➁➂➃➄➅➆➇➈➉ Numbers in Black Circles ❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽❾❿ Cool Letters for your Profile [A] ª ∆ ∀ α Λ ɐ ɑ ɒ ɚ
þ ß ƀ Ɓ Ƅ ɓ ɞ ɮ ʙ ҍ Ᏸ ℬ
[C] © ¢ € Ƈ ɕ ʗ ℂ €
[D] ∂ δ Ð đ Ɗ ɖ ɗ
[E] Ξϑ ∊ ∈ ∃ Ə Ɛ Ǝ ε Σ Ƹ ƺ ɘ ə ξ э ҿ ཇ ℰ ミ
[F] Ƒ ƒ ℱ
[G] Ɠ Ǥ ǥ ɠ ɡ ɢ ʛ ց Ꮆ
[H] ħ ƕ Ƕ ɦ ɧ ʜ ʰ ʱ ђ Ᏺ
¡ Ɩ Ɨ ɨ ɩ ɪ ϊ أ ར
[J] ǰ ʝ ʲ ز
[K] κ Ƙ ƙ ʞ ϗ ҡ
[L] Ɩ ƪ ɫ ɭ ʆ ʟ ˡ Ꮭ ℒ ℓ
[M] Ɯ ɱ ʍ ℳ
[N] η Ɲ ƞ ɲ ɳ ɴ Ϟ ℕ
[O] ° Θ ˚ ö Ø Φ δ θ φ ۝ ☉ ∅ Ʊ ʘ σ φ ٥ Ꭷ ℴ
[P] ¶ ρ φ Þ þ Ƥ ƥ ƿ ℘ բ ք ℘ ℙ
[Q] Ʊ Ǫ ǫ ʠ ϥ ℚ
[R] ® Ʀ ɼ ɽ ɾ ʀ ʁ ʳ ʶ ր ℛ ℜ ℝ ℞
[S] § ∫ Ƨ ƨ ʂ ʃ ʅ ˢ ϛ ֆ ى Ꭶ
[T] ح π ŧ ƫ Ƭ ƭ Ʈ ǂ ʇ ʈ τ Ϯ ϯ ィ
ʉ ʊ ʋ υ ϋ և
[V] Ɣ Ʋ ʋ ν Ѵ ѵ
[W] ψ ω ϖ Ɯ ʍ ʷ Ѡ ѡ ཡ Ꮚ Ꮤ
[X] ɤ ˣ χ ℵ
[Y] ϒ Ÿ ÿ Ƴ ƴ ʎ ʏ ʸ ˠ
[Z] ζ ☡ Ƶ ƶ Ȥ ȥ ʐ ʑ Հ ℤ
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If you want to friend me then write it in my profile's comments saying that you want to friend me and why. Also, sending me any strange links will cause me to permanantly block you from contacting me.

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If you would like to join me while playing a game or have me join you, then please try friending me first, then ask.

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melice Jan 13 @ 1:19am 
hi, just want to trade 1 of ur dota items
hey its says write a comment, because we just played a cs game comp together and wondering if you would like to play more