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Mosyl i play CS:GO/CS:Source. Been playing CS since 1.6.. So that's what... nearly 15 years now. or better. Anyway I just got back into CS. After downloading CS:GO. GG i must say, however i am more into RPG games.
Everquest2, Dungeons and Dragons, WoW, PoE,Diablo 2,Diablo 2 LOD,Diablo3... ok let's not get me started on all my games i play.. Id run out of room. I am 31 years old with 3 amazing kids. 2 boys 12,9 and a daugter who is 7. Both my boys have followed my path of video games just like i was as a child. Guess its in their blood heh. But... yeah.. figured id throw a "summary" on here after i uploaded a new picture. Because... Why not? Heh. Later all.... <^>(-_(-_-)_-)<^>
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Just a few Rust items for trade I have CS GO skins but nothing interesting for most people or even me but Rust is the game I mainly play.

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