Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
This is my Youtube.
Livestream here. []

This happened in a stream i was watching:
2:14 Plasm0: I love banging nazi chiks
2:14 Joo0ooo: the fuck did you just say PLASM0?
2:14 Plasm0: sry, just a typo
2:14 Plasm0: wrong window
2:15 Luisatwo: lol

12:26 PM - Elaine: r u cummin or nut fuk boi
12:26 PM - Elaine: "things to say to daddy when he's 'bout to bust a nut"
9:17 PM - Elaine: ill be wanking up at like 8 so
10:31 PM - Elaine: but i like the way it feels going down my throat
1:24 AM - Elaine: Your a fridge
1:24 AM - Elaine: Now cool me off daddy

This is my sona. [] Ryusei drew this for me, and it has come to my attention that she passed away, so this fursona was some of her last artwork. May she rest in peace.

My 2016 Christmas:
My computers Power Supply died for starters, then our furnace's motor kicked it this morning, house was14 celsius when I woke up, and now, my dad has to get stitches in his hand because his roommate stabbed himself, not my dad, in the neck 10 times. So the roommate is up at the hospital getting surgery on his neck, mom is taking my dad to get stitches in his hand, and an ambulance was also destroyed outside of my house because some fuck thought it a good idea to break a mirror and a window. The ambulance was being towed to a repair shop.
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Everything you need to know about me.
If you are going to add me, PLEASE have a good reason to do so. I do not want something along the lines of "To be friends" "I want to play a game" or "To ERP/RP with you" Please spare me of that, I need an actual reason.

I did a major friendslist clean, if I removed you and you wish to be added back, leave me a message and send me an invite.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, spam messages at me when I am playing a game. You will get one warning and then you will be removed if it persists.

CS:GO Knives I kind of REALLY want.
M9 Fade
Karambit Slaughter (This one is my dream Knife, also links to CS:GO Stash) []
And then a Karambit Fade, no link for this tho because, you cant find them on the Market, and I don't wanna put a second link to CSGO Stash.

Sorry if I'm awkward around you at first, I'm kinda shy around new people, its just how I am, so if I don't talk much at first, its not your fault, I'm just trying to come out of my shell and make conversation.

Now onto RolePlay info.

Fursona 1.
Name: Chris
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Dominant/Sub: Extremely Dominant
Species: Fox
Build: Slim
Fur Colour: Orange
Personality Traits: Loving, Caring, Kind, Jumps to Conclusions, Angers Easily, and a big old softy also rather shy at first.
Siblings: Sister Amy
Hobbies: Browsing the internet, mainly Youtube, FurAffinity, and DeviantArt.
Relationship Status: Taken
Religion: Atheist
Height: 5'10
Age: 28
Eye Colour: Bright Yellow
The only one who's ever been able to make me feel submissive

Real Life me.
Name Josh
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Dominant/Sub: See Fursona
Species: Human (Duh)
Build: I'm like a big ol' Teddy Bear
Personality: See Fursona, its the same.
Hobbies: See fursona again.
Relationship Status: Taken
Religion: Atheist
Hair Colour: Dyed Red
Height: 5'10
Eye Colour: Hazel
Online Status: I am ALWAYS free to talk.

List of Jerks
You treat this guy nicely and do EVERYTHING you can to be nice, but he ends up just being a total cunt and treating you like shit.
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The MELODY is in all of us.

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