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Well somone tried to scam me
3:23 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: ill buy some thing in your inv
3:19 PM - Sâns: umm ok what?
3:23 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: griffin......dulies........music kit.......and worm god
3:24 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: for $25
3:24 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: ?
3:19 PM - Sâns: the music kit alone is 10
3:20 PM - Sâns: the griffin is 3
3:20 PM - Sâns: dualies are about .25
3:20 PM - Sâns: and worm god is 1
3:24 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: oh ummm then $50?
3:20 PM - Sâns: $25 is good but $50 would be nice xD
3:24 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: ok
3:25 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: KAD-KSDM-KWXX- is the steam gift card code you will get the last 4 numbers and letters when i get the items to insure your not scamming...
3:21 PM - Sâns: look i just met you im not trusting any codes
3:22 PM - Sâns: just buy some items wait a week then give them to me
3:22 PM - Sâns: idc what items
3:26 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: i have all +reps i dont need to scam u man...
3:22 PM - Sâns: you realise people can delete comments right?
3:26 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: why would i scam u? i hate fucking scammeres myself
3:22 PM - Sâns: yeah just buy some items
3:27 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: will take a week
3:22 PM - Sâns: i can wait
3:27 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: no im saving these cards for some skins like u
3:24 PM - Sâns: you better get the items now or your gonna have to wait 2 weeks cause after sunday or saturday im going places with my family
3:33 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: EITHER I BUY NOW OR NO DEAL..
3:29 PM - Sâns: look if i send a trade offer you give the code and it works and then i confirm that will make me more comfortable
3:33 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: k
3:29 PM - You have accepted the trade request from 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』.
3:34 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: u accept
3:30 PM - Sâns: i am
3:34 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: ok :)
3:30 PM - Sâns: okay full code please
3:34 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: Im getting code ready
3:35 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: accpet and u get code that will make me confortable ok listen i have a legit YT and i bet and open cases all the time scamming u can ruin my name..
3:35 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: im not trying to scam u i did trading all up to my M9 bayonet
3:31 PM - Sâns: look im not comftorble doing this blindly not knowing that this code is legit
3:32 PM - Sâns: you have my word i swear to god if this code is legit i will accept the trade
3:32 PM - Sâns: okay?
3:36 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: ok sir..
3:37 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: bro
3:37 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: ive been doing this all day thats how i got everything
3:37 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: im recording right now btw
3:37 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: make sure u not scam
3:33 PM - Sâns: im not
3:33 PM - Sâns: like i said
3:37 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: just accept and ill send u the code i have it ready to been sent
3:33 PM - Sâns: as god to be my witness if the code is legit i will accept the trade
3:37 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: be*
3:38 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: bro i swear on my whole life its legit and im not scam
3:34 PM - Sâns: look bud every time you say i accept first it makes me think more that your trying to scam
3:38 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: its your choice either do it and get my fucking retarded $50 steam caard that i want to give away or delete me
3:35 PM - Sâns: im sorry but i have to know that its legit
3:39 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: your choice cuz
3:39 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: delete me then u could have gotten $50 why would i scam u for $20 anyway! xD
3:36 PM - Sâns: well you say you have been doing it all day plus im getting a huge profit
3:36 PM - Sâns: just seems unreasonable to me
3:36 PM - Sâns: and a lil fishy
3:36 PM - Sâns: can you just give the code and if its legit god as my witness i will accept the trade
3:37 PM - Sâns: you can ask anyone on my friends list what i say is what im gonna do
3:37 PM - Sâns: especially if i swore to god
3:42 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: KAD-KSDM-KWXX-K21K
3:38 PM - Sâns: invalid it says
3:42 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: now accpet god damn
3:38 PM - Sâns: did you make a mistake?
3:42 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: wow are u trying to scam me>
3:38 PM - Sâns: no
3:38 PM - Sâns: i check if its legit
3:42 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: i just baught that from the store -_-
3:38 PM - Sâns: im not scamming i said i check its legit then i accept trade
3:38 PM - Sâns: ill try again
3:43 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: KAD-KSDM-LUOI-SD23
3:39 PM - Sâns: invalid still bud
3:43 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: omg
3:39 PM - Sâns: what are you trying to pull?
3:43 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: dont call me bud first of all
3:43 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: if u dont trust me DELETE ME xDD
3:39 PM - Sâns: i dont want to turn this into an arguement
3:43 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: i no scam but have fun
3:44 PM - 『Clutch-OF-The-Day』: bye BUD

Then he unadded me from there. RIP Clutch-OF-The-Day. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198274460143 This is the link to his profile if you want to mess with him for this. Also he blocked me. This all happened on 3/17/2016

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