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[Caution! I am beyond corny and unfunny.]

Hello, there.

May I introduce myself? No? I will so anyway, I egotistically like to call myself Kexmeister (trademark essential!). This is my allegedly not-so-widely-known uninfamous profile. Reveal spoilers, click some links, scroll up and down, whichever grotesque fantasy pleases you, but not too much, though. "Why?", you ask? Well... I don't ooh, irrational profanity know.

Well, while you're still around, there's one more thing: you may think my Breadfistical-esque appearance may appetite, but I assure you, I am not edible. My peers whom thought the contrary had learned that the hard way. I foretold them this'd happen with sincerity, but that did not enlighten them. Presumably, you would know better.

How'd that go? Being the optimistic person that I am, I'd say that was pretty  t e r r i b l e  .
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 ➤ Any trading card duplicate ↔ Any trading card I don't possess that lies in the same set. If the card you intend to trade is not in the same set that is the card you wish, look at the next listing below.
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I am always open for negotiation, so do not hesitate to add me to your friends list to discuss. Any coupon you see here is free to take as long as you'll use it to purchase the corresponding game.
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Good golly, this game... It's extraordinary. Alright, let's see. All-in-all, it's a stealth game where you play as a covert agent whose best friend is the darkness. The game usually tasks you in completing objectives in a hostile environment by using shadows and wide array of gadgetry arsenal. You are able to use lethal as well as non-lethal weapons, though they don't make much of difference to anyone's behaviour. Precaution, patience,, logical thinking are common traits in the levels. Did I mention the levels are absolutely top-notch? Every situation has multiple approaches, considering the wall craftsmanship of artificial intelligence. Sometimes absurd yes, but they provide quite a challenge to face. And what about those far-from-binary realistic sound and lighting mechanics? You can tell what think about those . An irritation is that the map is sometimes hard to understand and navigate through, but I'm lucky it's there though.
Tom Clancy standard-issue: terrorists, cyber warfare, gadgetry, nuclear weapons, you get the idea. There are city-wide blackouts and the Third Echelon (the group you are in) are tasked in finding what's behind it. The protagonist, Sam Fisher, is probably one of my favourite non-existential people I've played as (which isn't unpopular among the community at all). Lambert and Grim have excellent design as well. Overall the story designers push the limit to its max.
The graphics have aged very well. The lighting levels are nicely designed, textures detailed, cutscenes enjoyable. One concern is that the animations look quite wacky and the protagonist looks like a baby.
Sound Design
Some tunes of the missions are still stuck in my head. They fit wonderfully into the game, and stirr up the general mood. Magnificently espionage-esque!
The story lasted for about a good amount of 15 hours provided you play quietly and cautiously. There are optional objectives too so incase you missed any you can replay the game and do them. The game features a mission summary percentsge screen which counts positive things like objectives completed and negative things such as unnecessary kills, being caught trespassing, suspicious actions etc.. In addition to that the game's sheer fun gameplay is enough to encourage another playground.
The most refined stealth game I've played in my life. It's fun, it has a good atmosphere, good graphics, good everything. Superb!
10 splinters out of 10
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a jouu mez
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A pleasure to trade with
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It's me!