People knows me as It's Britneeeey, or KevDamDamHUN   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
           Micspam is my life.
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/ / Not accepting friends request. Write down under my profile who you are, and then I accept you or not. (Reason: Don't want fake friends anymore) If you don't do so, then just going to leave as a like that you add me and just leave it (Ignore it) . So DO and comment who you are and why you want to be my friend on Steam. Everyone these days are so f*cking liars... I'm sick of being lied to, If you are the one of it too, just get off now, leave. I tried to be nice to everyone everyday, I always gave myself, happy. But so many people killed me, and I'm not the same as I was. Also if you are just going to come to me when no one else wants to talk to you, or no one to talk to, f*ck off I'm not here just for you, and I'm not here to listen to your problems... I'm sick and tired of all of you, liars c*nts... If you get removed of my friend list, don't complain and ask why... Friends are not like you were (if you were on my friendslist before) So, thanks he understanding! \ \



Story Time! ^^
My name is Kevin, I'm 21 years old,I from Hungary but I live in United Kingdom (I try my best English as I can so sorry for my bad english :P hihi ) I like playing games since 5-6 started with a Nintendo SNES after ps1, ps2, xbox and etc. :) So I 100% a gamer, I don't have a big computer but its still do with almost all games as normal graphics. Currently just gaming, As the time passess away I just feel more be a geek, but its fine. I'm happy :D So yeah, that's me dunno what can I say.... Pop up and ask if you want to know anything... ~ End of Story ~

: Name Kevin^^
: Age level : 21
: D.O.B 14/01/1996


Online Status / responsing time

You can text me if you want, if I don't respond probably I don't see it or playing something non steam game (I'm trying to get all non steam games to Steam) - But feel free to text me

In game
You can chat with me but if it's not important then I don't reply till I finish my game.

AFK I'm not here, don't be suprised if I don't reply to you, I sort you out once I'm back from AFK.

I'm not going to answer even you sending a huge message, till I don't change to Online, if you keep chat spamming my bot is going to block you for 10mins "Be aware for it" Otherwise if you write and not texting back, don't wait for it till I get back Online

Want to play / Or want to Trade
Well I'm always up for gaming, but I mostly play something 24/7 - I'm not trading , I'm collecting and yes my inventory and stuff are private so you can't see them

I'm not Online, wowser... Try later.


What happened with my GTA Online character where it is?

I have been perm banned on steam version , I bought social club version either, even I played a hour I have been banned again there too.I released something shit happened with my Main OS So I bought a hard drive just for GTA. Then I rebought the game again, so totally I have it 3 times the game, I loved it. But now I started to play again, from the begining. :) "If you seeing me playin Grand Theft Auto V (Steam version ) " Then probably I playing on a Roleplay or Non Rockstar GTA Server. :)


What's your favorite games right now?
Life Is Strange - Life Is Strange Before The Storm
All Half Life and portal games!
All Resident Evil series
Grand Theft Auto 5 - Grand Theft Auto Online
Gary's Mod
Friday the 13th - The Game
Tom Clancy's The Division - ( Season Pass )
Dying Light
Left 4 Dead 2
Tower Unite
League Of Legends


PC Info

CPU -AMD PHenom II X6 1050T 2,80Ghz (overclocked as 3,30Ghz)

Motherboard - Gigabyte Technology, Co., Ltd. GA-MA785GMT-UD2H (Socket M2)

GPU - Strix Gaming - Radeon RX 470 GDDR5 (4GB)

RAM -10,00Gb Dual Channel DDR3 1333Mhz

HDD - Toshiba DT01ACA100 (SATA 1TB) - Western Digital Blue - (SATA 600GB)

SSD - Kingston SV300S37A120G (120GB)

Case - Acase + Server case Edition

Monitor's - (Main monitor) Acer something 1920x1080 , Second Monitor ( Hannspree 1480x1080 , Third one (for movies etc or playing games from bed :D Hitachi HD TV - 1920X1080

OS (Operating System) - Windows 10 Enterprise (64 bit - latest build 1703 (15063.483) "Probably not going to update it till the fall Update"

Mouse and Keyboard - MS-G3 Gaming Mouse (White) - Drevo Calibur Gaming Game Mehanical Keyboard

Guess that's it then.
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Mad-Kat (Heavy Main) Aug 9 @ 9:57pm 
Aziel Aug 8 @ 2:20am 
Yay Son! :D
KevDamDamHUN Aug 8 @ 2:20am 
Accepted mate. :)
Aziel Aug 8 @ 2:08am 
Accept me! U know who i am, Son! :D
RΩGΣR Aug 5 @ 12:15am 
Till you go to my comment section kev
Coka Aug 4 @ 3:17pm 
Huh me? xD