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gorillaijp 3 hours ago 
added for trade
Comrade Xetron Aug 13 @ 2:24pm 
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|>3/\T|-| -Щèд۷éЯ- Aug 11 @ 4:05pm 
you kno says its duped, i think is full of shit. i checked the other one & it's still in the guys inventory but it also doesn't have either spell on it..

..either someone removed those spells from that item, or is mistaken

to me it's more likely backpack is mistaken.

anyways, a "duped" item just means something that was given by valve support to someone who got scammed, therefore it's not going to just dissappear
despite ppl pretending to know otherwise, they (very literally) don't know wtf they're talking abou claiming it won't have a unique id in valves database..
(else it wouldnt exist)

they (kids pretending dupes could 'poof' or 'dissappear' like in other games where the term 'dupe' has an entirely different meaning..) do not have access to this number;
unequivocally and unambiguously, this (unique) id number DOES exist for EVERY item..
(ANYONE who's done ANY *real* database programming can corroborate this for you)
|>3/\T|-| -Щèд۷éЯ- Aug 1 @ 4:34pm 
i just bought your duped veil off the market tyvm sir i will keep it forever

$300 was a fkign steal tyvm ^_^
Pariah Jul 11 @ 5:43pm 
added for trade
Tony Montana Jun 11 @ 4:20am 
Got a question.