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Originally posted by Moon Punisher:
Originally posted by Eisberg:

lol, Still with that unintelligent statement.
Seriously think about it instead of making such stupid statements. Why would a pirate even care about Denuvo on a game when it already has been cracked?

Always found this a weird thought proccess.

Why do people think pirates, who could literally already be playing this game for free, would be here at the board requesting the denuvo to be removed so they could buy it hehe.

I mean, it quite literally makes no sense at all.
Neither does complaining about Denuvo when you could have played, finished and moved onto some other game. People who live in glass houses....
Feb 22 @ 5:52pm
Originally posted by Plex:
as far as I know does the PS2 version support widescreen out of the box, you can set it in the options. No need for a patch.
Not the good kind though :-\ It's just a 4:3 signal stretched.

Meanwhile, Polyphony managed to do 1080i 16:9 in Gran Turismo 4. The PS2's an enigma.
I've got 2 games on my PS4 that I can't play anymore without signing into PSN... problem is my PSN account was banned when they started accepting PayPal as a form of payment and PayPal refunded me for something fraudulent.

So, no... there's a big difference between digital games on PC and console. DO NOT, under any circumstances, ever buy a game digitally on consoles; said game will be licensed to your hardware serial number on two of the three main platforms.
Originally posted by Grand Captain Speedy Dash:
Originally posted by iamtoxic500:
How many games are you going to cancel your order for? There's over a hundred amazing pc games that use denuvo, this technology is nothing new. These troll discussions are really funny. You might as well buy a console if you hate drm so much.
One, there isn't even one hundred games with Denuvo (believe it's around 80-90). Two, consoles are DRM so what you are suggesting is getting an all around harsher DRM to avoid one DRM that is only is a minority of games.

Anyway there are many indie devs that deserve the money much more than many of these big triple A companies.
They use Denuvo too, you donk.
Originally posted by J.P.:
Originally posted by Kaldaien:
Doubt it, games that officially support modding don't interest me :P
But surely they will wreck something in it... Their totally-not-a-borderless-window fullscreen is becoming a classic.
lol, yeah... but I've solved that so many times now all you need to do is take my mod framework and turn a few options on. Doesn't require any actual problem solving on my part :P
Feb 21 @ 12:26pm
Originally posted by Chouchers:
Originally posted by Kaldaien:
You won't even hit 60 on decent hardware, so this is silly.
Nvidia Titan V easy get over 60fps lol.
Right up until the next resource loading hitch causes 1 frame to take 60 ms to draw.

But, you know... if we only care about peak framerate and not sustained... I have a GeForce 2 MX 400 that can do 700 FPS in Quake 3.
Originally posted by GrimReaper 𐌀𐌋𐠨𐌀:
Originally posted by Kaldaien:

Large piece of data.

Denuvo executables have multiple copies of the same code encrypted different ways. There's a reason those executables are 10-15 times the size of a normal executable. It's not because of code or packed-in resources, it's because Denuvo's approach to this problem is to overwhelm anyone trying to reverse engineer stuff with superfluous codepaths.

Hey Kaldaien. Just wanted to ask if you're gonna be doing some of your famous modding stuff for Final Fantasy XV as the devs have confirmed they'll fully support modding and give us their official modding tool.
Doubt it, games that officially support modding don't interest me :P

I like reverse engineering and debugging stuff, if the tools already exist, there's nothing fun to do.
Originally posted by drm_free:
Originally posted by Crashed:
You still have to ask the Steam client permission. All Denuvo asks is for a small piece of data to be decrypted.

Repeatedly. Denuvo asks for a small piece of data to be decrypted repeatedly. If it can't validate when it wants to, then you lose access to your game. On the other hand, if a game uses nothing but the Steam client itself, then after it's downloaded and started a single time, you never need to go online to validate anything ever again. It's completely portable forever, along with the client itself.
Large piece of data.

Denuvo executables have multiple copies of the same code encrypted different ways. There's a reason those executables are 10-15 times the size of a normal executable. It's not because of code or packed-in resources, it's because Denuvo's approach to this problem is to overwhelm anyone trying to reverse engineer stuff with superfluous codepaths.

That was an alright strategy when Denuvo first came onto the scene. Most disassemblers cannot disassemble a Denuvo executable in polynomial time, lol. But, pirates catch on quickly and develop custom tools to workaround any measure designed to make stuff difficult.
Feb 21 @ 9:22am
Originally posted by Anvi:
7700k@5GHz and GTX 1080 OC the benchmark ran easily above 144 fps on lite/1080p.

I'd expect that on the release version we can run medium-high details without nVidia Gameworks crap and maintain 144+ fps.

Funny thing was that CPU usage was 70-99% at times.. I bet this game would run better on a 6-core 8600k or 8700k.
You're in for a rude awakening. The game will hitch and prevent you from doing anything above 60 FPS at a stable framerate.

High framerates are one thing, and I admire people who can tolerate wild swings in frame rate between 100-140 FPS. I cannot, which is why I wrote my own framerate limiter. I'm very sensitive to changes in framerate and this game's not going to be a pleasant experience without a framerate limiter active.
Feb 21 @ 8:04am
Originally posted by Nico:
Originally posted by Kaldaien:
You won't even hit 60 on decent hardware, so this is silly.

Originally posted by kurosov:
Not wanting arbitrary locks has little to do with current performance expectations. It's stupid to limit either resolution or framerate based on what current hardware can do.

Originally posted by Nico:
If there's people expecting to play at 4k60, I'm sure that there's people expecting to play at 1080p at well over 120fps ...
Those people are what I like to refer to as ridiculous and not living in the real world where most new games don't have stable frame rates above 60 at any resolution.
Feb 21 @ 8:00am
Originally posted by Ron:
games being ported these days usally come with a 60fps cap. I hope to see it be 144 or above plez
You won't even hit 60 on decent hardware, so this is silly.
Originally posted by BearPajamaGod:
Originally posted by N aguento + Morrê:
The most new and badass Denuvo 5.0, cracked in 19 days lol.

I bought the game because i support the developers who made FXII back in 2006, and i really love this game. But the Square Enix from today (publisher side) kind of deserve this. Always insulting PC gamers and now Denuvo fails again hehe

Well at least it did its job with Assassins Creed Origins.
Two things one supporting Denuvo actually hurts the games as they have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to put Denuvo into said game which would be better not being spent so the game doesn't cost as much to make and thus will have a better return on investment which already makes them lose money and also the devs that orignally worked on this game had nothing to do with the remake other than just being like "yeah sure go ahead and make it make money off of our work"
Punctuation, Mother****er. Ever hear of it?

I'm not even going to try and follow your train of thought; I'm assuming you forgot what you were doing halfway through that wall of text.
Feb 19 @ 9:32am
In topic 50 dollars? Really?
If you've never played the game before, why the hell are you complaining about price? You're getting more of a value than anyone. The game's not less valuable because of age, it's less valuable when you've played it 10+ times already.
Feb 19 @ 9:28am
In topic Achievement in Offline Mode
Originally posted by Hinnyuu:
I don't think you can get Steam achievements in offline mode. It may show up while offline, but I don't believe it will unlock on the account retroactively when you get back online.
The Steam client syncs profile data with the server whenever you log-on.

For a while, achievements unlocked offline had no unlock time associated with them, but now they assume the time of log-on. That's not ideal, but better than all your offline achievements claiming they were unlocked in 1969 :)
Originally posted by arejang:
I imagine if Denuvo ever shuts down as many fear, they would either just release the removal legally, or some fan will release it and make it work with steam.
That's already how GOG works :)

Most of its older titles used disc-based DRM schemes. Many of these games they sell no longer have the source code available, so CD Projekt just takes a NO-CD cracked version of the game and packages in some compatibility stuff as needed (i.e. DOS Box).
Feb 18 @ 9:06pm
Originally posted by Voodooman:
Anyone knows or have skill and time ot make a texture editor both for PS2 and PC version so we can dump original PS2 texture and redo this shity upscalled texture from remaster much better way and import them back to pc with same files names and folder structure (i mean without messing with hash names of run-time texture dumps and reinjection) ?
The PS2 textures won't be giving you any benefits over the textures that ship with the game. They did Waifu the hell out of these textures, but... half of them are losslessly compressed (down to 256 colors, granted).

I may add a feature to Special K to handle paletted textures in D3D11. That's the only way to make UI mods practical.

What I'd be most interested in is if anyone could bump the resolution of the dUdV environment-mapped bump map textures up. Those are new for the PS4 / PC re-release of the game and they'd have a bit more visual impact if they were touched up. Way more than touching the original diffuse textures would.
So.... if I'm reading this correctly, the problem's solved? :P

0.9.x has moved out of the beta phase, the latest version is I haven't tested it with this game yet, but if anything compatibility should get even better.
They are NOT obligated to disclose third-party license agreements prior to sale. I've done enough digging into the process of actually selling software on Steam to know how the storefront works and that there's one slot (optional) for anything that alters or replaces Steamworks DRM.

There are multiple slots for generic end user license agreements, but guess what? They're ALL optional. The publisher populates these fields merely as a convenience for the end-user, they have zero responsibility to spell out the license prior to purchase -- same as a game bought in a retail store.
Originally posted by EnclosureHD:
Originally posted by Seraphna:

Read the second definition. It carries the implication of happening sooner, earlier than expected, etc. Attempting to claim you're using "already" in a fashion no native speaker of the language would actually use it in, while trying to tell the person that their native langauge isn't their own is kind of sad.

Considering this is EnclosureHD we're talking about, a toxic troll who already has a track record of being less than honest about anything he says, perhaps you shouldn't be trying to imply anything for him here. See his response to me for complete justification of my words.

You didn't know this, but assumptions can be amazingly insulting. For instance: maybe don't tell someone with a Masters in English that they don't know their own language when you're unable to completely read through a dictionary definition. Or understand how a dictionary works, apparently. Dictionaries list multiple meanings or definitions, but if they fall under the same role they tend to go hand in hand. "Already" does just mean "bu this or that time", but implies an event that happens sooner than expected, or earlier than one should expect.

Which is why I asked why "always" suddenly meant "over 3 months", that's far, far longer than anyone would expect considering people keep trying to imply that Denuvo gets cracked at a fast pace. Ironically this three month crack happened 3 months after someone who cracks Denuvo a lot said they expected that crack times would continue to happen quicker and quicker. A change from 3 days to 3 months is not quicker, no matter how you try to stretch it. It heavily implies that Denuvo is actually winning out with their method now.

I'd be happy to see that proven wrong, but I believe in being realistic instead of idealistic when trying to convey facts.

And no, a crack is a method which completely removes or disables the DRM, a workaround simple circumvents it even though the process remains active.Currently the best they can do, after months of work, is create a wrapper that tells Denuvo that the check works every time it makes it. Meaning Denuvo is still fully active on the product, so people who claim they don't want to use it because they believe the DRM slows their machine are not helped by this method.

LMFAO!! You know that a crack or a bypass is the same right?

ITS A modification of an application binary to cause or prevent a specific key branch in the program's execution. AKA reverse engineering.
And i am the troll here.. I dont get why but i already blocked you twice. Might do a 3rd time.
No, not AKA reverse engineering.

Reversing is figuring out how something works, it's an important first step, but stuff like the IBM PC BIOS makes it very clear that the law considers them distinct. Knowledge gained through reverse engineering, if put to application by a third-party side-skirts all sorts of issues related to copyright infringement and patent law...

More to the point, however... just because you KNOW how something works doesn't mean you're capable of applying what you know to do anything useful.
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