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Just your average first-person shooter and fighting game nut looking to constantly improve and find some competition whenever and wherever he can. Also excessively gets involved into and knows way too much about the games he plays. My Xbox GT is "I Razor Wolf I." I also went by "Razor Wolf", on Fightcade but since I took a break from FC I unfortunatley forgot that account. I now go by "Kaizo-Paradox" on there, so if you want to play some rounds just hit me up.

:qlexcellent: Clan History :qlexcellent:
Former Division of Violence Leader (cV^ Kaizo) . It was a 30-man strong America's Army 2.5 clan run by my older brother and I from 2005 to 2010. After that it formed several spinoff clans with core members of cV^ afterwards, such as 10th Mountain Division and Carnage Inc.
Current Pheonix-Rizing Co-Leader

:rl: Pheonix-Rizing Info :rl:
Pheonix-Rizing was a Team Fortress Classic Clan formed circa 2000 by players Biohazard and Banshee that participated and prospered in the STA [www.staleague.org] TFC 5V5 Gold/Silver leagues 2003-2008. We are currently trying to rise again and build up our ranks once more. In addition, we're now also doubling as a retro-shooter community for anyone who shares a passion and love for a simpler time where rocket jumping and bunnyhopping were king. Interested in joining our ranks and accompanying us on our quest for glory? Check out Pheonix-Rizing's website and start your FPS legacy here. [prgaming.pcriot.com]

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