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It's 2017 and you guys can't even produce a game that's 1080p? Or a game that can be fullscreen? A game that doesn't have hitches? A game that doesn't constantly drop framerates?

Seriously, the gameplay is overall not bad but the performance is just terrible in this game. Your company is asking for quite a bit of money for this disastrous project, yet you guys can't even do a simple update? A simple fix? I'm honestly disappointed and if I don't see some sort of fix, I'll never purchase any product from your company ever again. I'm going to see if Valve will refund this even tho it's passed the 14 day period. If not, then expect to be boycotted.

The cutscenes are terrible performance wise and constantly drop frames. The lip sync is terrible in this game as well. I guess it makes sense considering this game is literally the definition of Asian. Feels like I'm watching one of those terrible Asian movies with poor lip sync. I don't know who in your development team thought this screen ratio was a good idea, but whoever it was, needs to be fired.

I seriously want my money back, I feel terrible for everyone who is playing this. I understand some people are not going to like this, but it's clearly because they're anime lovers and clearly can't see past the protaganist's pretty lil skirt. Just cause you think the main character is beautiful, doesn't mean that we should all be dealing with such atrocities.

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