If i have pure i'm buying quicksales c:   Brazil
TRADE OFFER Pure stock(Keys/Metals) []
I PREFER TRADE OFFER. Comment why you sent friend request or i'll ignore. I know you added me to trade, tell me the details. Note: your inventory must to be public if you want to add me, friends only is not enough.
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Useful infos about me:
CSGO keys[⇄]TF2 keys
If YOU want to BUY csgo case keys(ratio 6:7):
I'm selling csgo case keys for 6:7(6 csgo keys for 7 tf2 keys) or 1 tf2 key 4.77 ref each.
I can speak only english(chat) and portuguese(chat and voice).
Always use english to talk with me if portuguese is not your main language.
If i did not answer you in chat(and i'm not in-game)
Send a message again when i'm online or comment on my profile(can be something like "answer me in chat"). Sometimes i don't see the message(usually it happens if you send me a message while i'm afk) or Steam does not show me the notification.
I'm buying quicksales
Feel free to offer any item. If you want to quicksell unusual:
You sent a trade offer, but the trade offer is with the "items now unavailable for trade" notification?
Just re-send the trade offer and/or add me(comment on my profile why)
my mobile authenticator and trade confirmations are enabled c:
I'm adding a lot of people, sometimes i need to delete some, maybe you
friendlist limit = 500
Confirm it's me
Owner of the group krallzy B> Genuine Items(+1.000 members)
Steam user since 2014-11-23
+150 Non-free Games
+1300 hours on tf2, +600 hours on Smite, +300 hours on terraira.
+20.000 Trades Made(you can see this info on "Items Up For Trade" below)
+13.000 Market Transactions(you can see this info on "Items Up For Trade" below)
+600 Profile Comments
My backpack is always public.
We'll ALWAYS trade items in same time.
Owner of a huge colletion of cosmetics with footprints/horseshoes(type "spell" on my tf2 inventory)
Online: i can trade now
Away: we can trade when i back
Snooze: i'm sleeping or i'm not in home, we can trade when i back
Busy/in-game: we'll trade when i can, feel free to send trade offer or talk in chat, but probally i'll not be fast to answer.
the "Currently Online" on my steam profile does not mean i'm online.
You can check my status on my steamrep profile [] or on my profile []
Why did you block me?

You sent me a ridiculous offer and/or you are annoying. Or your profile/bp is private and you sent friend request.
What is annoying?
-If you are begging.

-Making a bad offer and insisting the same offer again and again

-If you comment shit on my profile(example: , , )

-If you are rude

-If you invite me to Steam's voice chat, please never do it. I really hate it, i hate even more if you're doing it to have a fast answer and even more you're doing it to have a fast answer while i'm playing(cuz if i'm playing, usually i can't be fast to decline for the same reason i can't be fast to answer you).

What is a ridiculous offer?

-Scam offers(example: )

-Begging items(example: )

-Fake overpay scam(Examples: , + )

-Switcharoo scam(example: i'm selling a Anger for 4.66 ref, then the scammer sent a offer selling his anger for 4.66 ref. example 2: i'm buying a bill's hat for 2 key 1ref, then the scammer try buy one of my bill's hats for 2 keys 1 ref)

-Quality scam(Example: i'm paying 2.11 ref for a Genuine Diamondback, then the scammer try sell to me a Unique Diamondback for 2.11 ref. Example 2: i'm paying 4.33 ref for craft Anger, then the scammer sent a offer selling a non-craft anger for 4.33 ref)

-Lowballer: when you try buy a item from me for less than i'm paying for the same item(example i'm buying a item X for 4.66 ref to sell for 5 ref, then the Lowballer sent to me a offer paying 4.33 ref) or just making a ridiculous low offer when there are some traders paying a decent amount of pure(example: + )

-Spamming bad unusual offers to me, if you want to get rid of a hard2sell/unprofitable unusual, can you at least don't spam? Send only 1 offer per trader. Also, is annoying when i need to decline multiple trade offers made by the same person, cuz i know you know your offers are bad.

-If you sent a no sense counter-offer after my counter offer(Example, this guy wanted to qs his items, but he was asking too much, so i sent a counter-offer, then he sent a counter-offer asking more pure and for less items: )

-When you are an "i'm only accepting items overpay" guy. My buy orders on or any others site i'm paying pure. if you are an "i'm only accepting items overpay" guy, don't waste my time

-Underpaying offer: when you sent a offer using items as payment, but your items worth less than my items(eg: ).

-No, your civilian grade well-worn skin with spec ks don't worth 50 keys. Really, check the price of the standart version your skin(your skin without the ks/spec ks/pro ks) and the price of the kit, no one can make a 50 keys item spending less then 2 keys bruh .-. is showing a really high price cuz the cheapest copy of this item on market is listed for a really high price(not sold for a high price, just listed), don't offer these kind of items for my unsuals/expensive items or i'll block you cuz you're REALLY noob or you're trying to trick me.

-When you try to buy the painted item for the the same price i'm selling the unpainted copy(Example: i'm selling a unpainted Anger for 4.66 ref and a Black Anger for 10 ref, then you sent a trade offer trying to buy the black Anger for 4.66 ref). Note: now, i'm just counter-offering, but don't insist.

-When you insist on the same offer(you sent a offer, but is not a good offer, then i'll decline your offer, but after some time you sent the same offer again)

-if i'm selling a item for 2.11 keys, i'm not selling for 2.11 ref and i'm not selling for 2key 1 scrap, i'm selling for 2.11keys. Put the mouse arrow on the sell/buy order to know the exact price.

-If you have hold and we make a trade, don't cancel, if you cancel i'll just block you.
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
I'm selling ALL my unusuals. And most of my items.
tf2 items:: ,
csgo items:
I'm selling the Farcry Primal("This is a restricted gift which can only be redeemed in these countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bahamas, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, Mexico"), b/o 6 csgo keys or 7tf2 keys.
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