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Nuclear Throne, osu!, and R6S player, "Cheater", Casual Tryhard
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                              Dan: Fuccboi Extraordinaire
You May Also Know Me As...
Kim Jong Un's Nuclear Bomb

UPLAY: Its-Dan

BATTLENET: KimJongsBomb#11455

Current PC Build:
i5-4590 @ 3.3 gHz
2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR-3 2133 mHz RAM
MSI Z97 SLI Krait Edition Motherboard
EVGA GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 GDDR-5 4GB Graphics Card
Cooler Master 550W 80+ Bronze PSU
Corsair SPEC-02 Computer Case
Creative Sound Blaster ZX Sound Card (Bought 01/23/16)

Current College Setup:
Lenovo P50 Laptop
i7 6700HQ
8GB DDR4-2400 RAM
NVIDIA Qudro M1000M 2GB (Only for CAD stuff)
NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB in Aorus Gaming Box (External GPU)
Blue Yeti Microphone (With boom arm and pop filter)

Roccat LUA Gaming Mouse (No longer used)
Corsair K70 Cherry MX Red Keyboard
ASUS VG248QE 144Hz Gaming Monitor
Samsung 24" TV as a second monitor lol
AntLion Modmic
Sennheiser HD598 Hi-Fi Headphones
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum (Bought 06/22/16)

If apparently you hate my guts afer the last game I was in with you, please feel free to comment your hate, I'll look at it, laugh at it, and leave it there for all to see.

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kris Aug 8 @ 5:39pm 
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Destroyer Of Thots Jul 31 @ 7:02pm 
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^1Dilligaftu Jul 31 @ 7:22am 
pussy little girl doesnt knows how to play without cheats, grow a pair baby girl if you can lmfao
A U S T I N Jul 19 @ 9:52am 
Hey, you still alive man? We played COD with TW back in the day.... We should play some games sometime...
quick Jul 13 @ 9:46am 
+Rep fast and good trader good luck have fun !
Zonular Jul 7 @ 6:41pm 
Thanks for invader help on DS3