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RIP Platinum Spy God Stabby Stabby
It was a long and hard night on the seven seas, after a complete demolishment of a Platinum highlander scrim (obviously the best gamemode, you can’t even play spy in 6s) which was obviously carried by the Platinum spy God Stabby Stabby, the glorious leader of the Team Fortress 2 community, who was winding down on his boat. I heard a knock on the upper deck which triggered my spy senses. I grabbed my ambassador and dead ringer off the coffee table as I headed upstairs. I opened up the door slowly with my ambassador out. If an enemy had been there he would have died immediately due to my godlike aim. But to my surprise I was greeted by the friendly Kip.

I was more than happy to let her into my boat; it has been many nights since I have felt the touch of a woman. However this is entirely my choice because no one is as good as me, the glorious StabbyStabby. I allowed her to come downstairs to the lower deck with me. I popped in a frag video of myself featuring the Skial public server community to watch with her.

As she fidgets around on the couch next to me, I slide my hand into her undergarments. I could tell that my latest trickstab on the nerds of the Skial server had made her wet already. I turned the light off and began undressing her, the room romantically lit by a new trickstab I had done on a scout who was running very quickly (the one I had invented myself, the glorious Matador stab).

Once she was undressed I did as I always do when I approach a situation such as this, I began livestreaming. I began to undress myself but I stopped early, only taking off my pants. No one deserves to see Stabby Stabby fully nude except for himself obviously. As my spycicle was unsheathed, I said just as the spy would, “Did you forget about me?” After this beautiful example of high quality voice acting only Stabby himself could do, I gently but quickly taped a picture of my own face over Kip’s. “Sure, it’s a nice face, but it’s not nearly as good as mine,” I thought to myself with pride. Kip would have probably been offended that I had taped my face over hers, but after seeing my glorious and gigantic spycicle she would not leave this vessel for anything.

I began to slide my spycicle into her buttocks; it felt just like a sick med drop. I knew she did not like anal, but she did not complain, because sex with Stabby in any position is still better than anything else she could imagine. As I began pumping inside of what I was wishing internally was myself, I winked at my webcam. At that glorious moment, billions of spy mains who were watching and wishing they were as good as me subscribed to my stream, making me the most famous streamer on Twitch (even though I already was) in that instant.

Kip moaned with a thumping rhythm as my spycicle grew inside of her anus. It was obvious that she was happy with what was happening (not that anybody on the planet wouldn’t be), but I was growing bored with the situation. I began pumping faster and faster until I noticed that she could not handle my intense spycicle and blood began spilling out of her anus. “You got blood on my suit!” I shouted at her, just as the spy would. I could feel the millions of sexy girl gamers (only the sexiest watched StabbyStabby) watching me closely, touching themselves to each pump of my spycicle. As my spycicle melted into a white spurt inside of her, I shouted victoriously just as the spy would, “Was there ever any doubt?” As I pulled my melted spycicle out Kip, I let out a faint sigh. “What is it, glorious Platinum god of the most important class in TF2?” she asked me in worry. “I just wish I could have sex with myself. You are nice and all, but nothing beats StabbyStabby himself,” I told her with complete honesty. “Well I bet I could convince Robin Walker, our one true God, to make a clone of you,” she added quietly. “Do you really think so?” I asked her with delight. This was the closest I have ever been to making an emotional connection with a human being lesser than myself (though there is no one greater than I). TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR THE SECOND EDITION OF “STABBY FUCKS HIMSELF”.

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