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- more clutches
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- Smoking Unusual Magistrate's Mullet
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- Bubbling Unusual Blighted Beak
- Bubbling Unusual Grimm Hatte
- Orbiting Planets Unusual Scotch Bonnet
- Blizzardy Storm Unusual Stately Steel Toe
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- Minimal Wear ★ Gut Knife | Slaughter
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DayZ...? Where does one begin. Coming from someone who has well over 200 hours in the game, this game is just not up to par with todays current mmo/survival games. For $34.99 you might as well buy ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, H1Z1, or Arma 2 and playing the DayZ Mod.

The games community is slowy dying due to slow updates as well as their "3 Year Plan" that will most likely be a failure. The game is filled with countless bugs from, UI Issues to zombies walking through walls/hitting you through walls as well as guns not even working and falling from heights of 3 feet and dying. After 3 years this game is not even in beta and it feels as though this game will never be finished.

Now don't get me wrong there is fun to had in this game with friends but...you gotta find them first. For beginners this could take you hours to do. The game feels as though it's a big walking simulator and your just waiting for somthing to happen. The map is too big for only a 50 player max server. For a game based around zombies there sure isn't alot of zombies here. You might get lucky and find a zombie every few hours but other then that you will be seeing more animals then anything.

Final reivew for DayZ is gonna be a 5/10 maybe one day this game will be truely playable but at the state that its in now and costing $34.99 its not worth wasting the money.
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In this guide I will show you how to wear conflicted hats, miscs, and items together.

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+rep quick and painless
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