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Carotte Onee-chan May 25 @ 7:27pm 
Love this song
MethDad May 24 @ 12:58pm 
‪Somebody🚹 once told💬 me😎 the world🌍 is gonna roll👈👇👉👆 me😎 I😎 ain't🙅 the sharpest🔪 tool🔨 in the shed🚪 She🚺 was looking👀 kind of dumb😛 with her👯 finger☝ and her👯 thumb👍 In the shape🔺 of an L🇱 on her👯 forehead🕓😛 Well👍, the years📆📆 start coming🍆💦 and they don't🙅 stop🚫 coming🍆💦 Fed🍔 to the rules📜 and I😎 hit the ground running🏃🏃 Didn't🙅 make sense😏 not to live😂🔫 for fun⚽🎠🏀 Your👆 brain😛 gets smart👷 but your head gets dumb😮 So much to do👌👌, so much to see👀👀 So what's wrong🚫🚫🚫 with taking✊ the back streets?👣👣 You'll never🙅 know📝 if you😛 don't🚫 go👣 You'll never🚫🚫 shine💥 if you don't🙅 glow✨ Hey☝ now👆 you're an All Star👟 get your game🎮 on🔌, go play🎲 Hey now, you're a Rock Star
Kothen Apr 23 @ 12:11am 
Minions are racist. They are meant to be little yellow Chinese factory workers. They wear blue factory suits and all do exercises together in the movie, just like Chinese factory workers. The reason why some of them got one eye is from radiation. They are like the Epsilons in Brave New World.
FunkyMunky Apr 17 @ 2:14am 

`·.·★Downsey ☪ Apr 16 @ 7:57am 
Happy Easter!! <3
`·.·★Downsey ☪ Apr 14 @ 2:09am 
Cute profile pic :3