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Hello, and welcome to the profile of the profile! I mainly play games and upload videos to my youtuber channel (If you were wondering where my channel is it's right here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCll02E8ZJhXTrHGZ75NW3zQ

Idk wat else to put someone help pls????

-People who have donated to me when I got scammed-
Pein_Trein {F.PE.C}
[RS] ItsMahJubM8
Krobalt (This dude also made nice profile pic, thx!)
-Thx, I super really appreciate the support! :>-
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Jin-e cellular
[RS] ItsMahJubM8 Aug 17 @ 9:03am 
You just typed a comment for people to read you stoopid
Jinswell Aug 16 @ 9:56pm 
But I don't wanna type something for peopl to read
[RS] ItsMahJubM8 Aug 16 @ 8:53pm 
Replace your item showcase with a text box so you can advertise your channel #Money
Daft Punk Aug 13 @ 9:01pm 
This dude needs to start making videos again
Daft Punk Aug 11 @ 10:07am 
Jincell quotes

"oh rip"
"Thats where your wrong Sponge boi me bobbo"
"Jub sing Peterscraps"
"God dammit joe"
"well im autistic"
"The nordic defense lines"
"do do do do do do do do do do"
"The begget Alliance"
"I got scammed god dammit"
"Fuck Jub likes anime"