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My ass is so jealous from all the shit that's coming out of my mouth.

Nothing is ever perfect and constant.

bleaK: You mom lookin to be a grandmother again? or you just lookin to make a daycare in the back of your throat?

5:16 PM - JennyCupcakes: u gehy
5:17 PM - Sadokist: as aids
5:17 PM - JennyCupcakes: awww yush
5:17 PM - Sadokist: so far in the closet I am sucking cock in narnia
5:17 PM - JennyCupcakes: i'm ready to get back into sucking dick at this game
5:17 PM - JennyCupcakes: LOL
5:17 PM - Sadokist: you s the d in CS?
5:17 PM - Sadokist: meet me at pit?

DownSyndromeZebra: one time i got my cock stuck in a mcdonalds drink cup

【=◈︿◈=】 JennyCupcakes: chuti
【=◈︿◈=】 JennyCupcakes: y tu gusta mas culos?
chuti: sup jennythequeen
chuti: i love culos

xXjenny_cupcakes_godXx : jen = pug god = swag = best player = wintendo
● Xx_SAVIOR_xX : = just a streamer = shroud
● xXjenny_cupcakes_godXx : = c9 = no majors = l0l

*DEAD* Vfx : jesus girl you are fucking ugly
*DEAD* JennyCupcakes : how upset

smashbaugh : i tried to look at ur stats but only one thing came up
smashbaugh : fat

JennyCupcakes: Ooohhh
JennyCupcakes: OF BEING LONELY
*ToR*Redneck is now Online.
*ToR*Redneck: cant help ya. my wife wont leave me the fuck alone
JennyCupcakes: LOL

Vagabond: on a scale of 1 to 10 how many inches can you deep throat?
seraphic[db]: 15.

*DEAD* ITS JUST A PRANK BRO : fat bitch needed a lift

*DEAD* ✪ FugLy : im gay so idk
*DEAD* ✪ FugLy : D:
● *DEAD* JennyCupcakes : LOL

stewie2k: GOLD NOVA 4?
JennyCupcakes: is that even a rank?
stewie2k: i didnt even know that existed
Pat: ;-;
Pat: *cries*

Bonehead : i would like 1 frappacino with a side of blowjob

Tijay507 : get rekt u mongoloid nerd

1:59 AM - Quikfwd*SteelSeries: ill mm with you
2:00 AM - Quikfwd*SteelSeries: when i killed you i fucking felt accomplished
2:03 AM - InSpire: LOL
2:03 AM - Quikfwd*SteelSeries: i was screaming for my mom
2:03 AM - Quikfwd*SteelSeries: to get the camera
2:03 AM - InSpire: LOL
2:03 AM - Quikfwd*SteelSeries: so im pretty much lem now right
2:03 AM - Quikfwd*SteelSeries: or does it not work like that

✪ Awz @ T Start : dont call me a nerd man im prolly ten times better looking and more fit than u

JennyCupcakes: willy just got global
reyalp etaidemretni swr 1: im killing myself
reyalp etaidemretni swr 1: why does he have to hack

Out of darkness into light
It's amazing what you'll find
In a world where you can see
Beauty in your enemy
Eyes wide shut walking the line
No more fear in me this time
Cut me open and I'll bleed
What's been loud inside of me
In the shadows caged within
Lies the stories of my sins
They are patient, but they're bold
Won't come out till they are told
No more hiding in this skin
It's enlightening to give in
If I lead they will follow
Coming out this lonely road

RIP Sam Quinn 01/12/1989 - 01/24/2015

Shady people will always be shady.

Jump throw:
alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"; alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"; bind mouse4 "+jumpthrow"
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Sorry for lagging out in the middle of a game Thx for the Coat Khuuuthulu
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it's sM chad btw :p
Omega ツ Jun 5 @ 1:05pm 
hey Jenny huge fan here. love your stream keep up the good work!!
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Sorry for killing you hahaha
kemz ت May 9 @ 11:20am 
lil johnny goes to his teacher &says i have to go take a piss. Teacher says, johnny thats inappropriate, when u can come back &use urinate in a sentence i will let u go. So johnny sits at his desk for a min &goes back to the teacher and says, urinate, but if you had bigger tits youd be a 10.