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I tried to refund this game. I'm glad it didn't go through.

This game makes you feel like the unluckiest person in the world. I thought the chance of a god damn vigor was 1/10 and heart attacks were guaranteed death. I'm over here getting double death blowed and if one more skeleton spills his drink on me again I swear to fuc.. Ahem.

There are some things you need to know going into this game. It's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t man. But when it goes right, when you go into a dungeon knowing what enemies you'll be up against and have a strategy to deal with them. When RNGesus is on your side and you come out victorious. It's a great feeling. Progress can be slow, but get those bosses down, protect your trinkets, experiment and plan - you'll end up surprised at how well you do.

Try not to Alt-F4 as soon as you see that orange text. I did it for a while. If you do it fast enough the game rerolls and they survive. It isn't worth it though. I feel like I cheapened it for myself at the beginning. You can upgrade the stage coach to make it possible to recruit high level heroes and this is worth upgrading quickly. Get used to losing your level 5s and 6s, accept that it's part of the game and you might just avoid having to buy a new keyboard after you've snapped it into tiny little pieces.

Radiant mode with the darkest dungeon setting to permissive is the best way to play this for people that want to finish in any reasonable amount of time. And you'll want an inventory stacking mod. Because the inventory in the game oppresses my right to carry loot. Good luck being able to afford the removal of quirks that force your children to constantly jump inside every iron maiden they see. Quest items don't stack and paper is apparently, really really heavy. This and the constant barking that you have to rage click through are my biggest complaints.

Some mods that you should check out besides the quality skins that are on the workshop and at the Nexus.

Inventory stacking

No invitations for the courtyard. I ended up having to trawl through dungeons just looking for these. With the Fanatic on your heels. No thanks.

No abomination party restrictions. Devs have said they want to move this into the quirk system - in the meantime
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I don't bet skins anymore, or do any trades.

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