Massachusetts, United States
Once a Toxic Welder, always a Toxic Welder
I play Overwatch, Paladins and Team Fortress 2

Competitive Experience:
HL Season 13: Steel Spy Starter for Hat Roulette (6W-4L) Rank #14
HL Season 14: Silver Spy Starter for The Weilanders (9W-3L) Rank #2
HL Season 15: Gold Spy Starter for The Weilanders (8W-4L) Rank #3
HL Season 16: Gold Spy Starter for Would You Kindly Die (3W-5L) Rank #11
HL Season 17: Gold Spy Starter for Appel (7W-1L) Rank #2
HL Season 18: Gold Spy Starter for Appel (10W-4L) Rank #1
HL Season 19: Platinum Spy Starter for Appel ✿ (3W-0L) (DEAD)

6s Season 20: Medic for Gottagofaest (5W-4L)

4s Season 3: Silver (9W-3L) Winners of the Grand Finals. Rank #1
4s Season 4: Gold (7W-4L) Rank #6

Thanks to Cactus, Kobb and Kris18 for the mentoring.

Quotes and Dumb Chat Logs:
"jayden has never made anyone mad" ~ Yipyapper

Stank: You really are the biggest cunt when you play spy
Stank: and you should rot in hell

Mr.Cats [Wub The Fox]: im going to fucking lynch you.

fweh: You went 5-8 vs lehcs nice
fweh: Over both halves
Jayden 'ring spy: revenge is a dish best served with a cold steel knife in the back
fweh: That sounds like something the spy would actually say

Kris18: no excuse to fail
Kris18: but I did
Kris18: lol
Jayden: what you described just now
Jayden: is my every play :c

Invader: stop being a pessimist lil bitch ass
Jayden: I'm just being a realist

Invader: Jayden is like a snowball, once he does well, he just starts rolling.

ThatOneBat: So... why do you hate the idea of me using the Ambassador so much?
ThatOneBat: :p

american: 10:58 PM - Rule 713: we lost cause appel's high ping spy facestabbed cassius with full uber by 10 seconds
Rule 713: 2-1
Rule 713: I literally watched him stab him in the face. Nothing we could do Rule 713: game decided to fuck us

*After gifting LIS*
Kris18: are you fukkin serious
Kris18: ...do I...
Kris18: do I kiss you or something?

blinxy: you : tfw u try to take ur own life but dr triggers @_@
Jayden: :CCCCCCC
blinxy: depressed spy main problems :(((

GWMI american: Jayden
Jayden: What's up?
GWMI american: I have to inform u
GWMI american: We're making a slight roster change
Jayden: Really?
Jayden: Who are you swapping?
GWMI american: $MZ and blinx are switching
GWMI american: for the week
Jayden: I was about to just jump out my dorm window into inch high snow
GWMI american: LOL
Jayden: You're a bitch xD
GWMI american: owned javier escribido
GWMI american: ;3
Jayden: #outplayed by American
GWMI american: slain!!!!!

jayden's asexual gf: pound me daddy
jayden's asexual gf: jk im asexual thats gross
Jayden: Never call me Daddy
jayden's asexual gf: y
Jayden: That's just weird especially since you're older
jayden's asexual gf: Im 18
jayden's asexual gf: :3
Jayden: Oh so I am older than you then...
jayden's asexual gf: daddy ;3
jayden's asexual gf has changed their name to jayden: dont call me Daddy.
Jayden: American, I'm going to punch you
jayden: dont call me Daddy: u better respect ur daughter/son before we stop scrimming sundays
Jayden: I'm going to abandon your ass on the streets and join another team

american ✿ ur sniper is mad af
Blu 380 dtmkill yourself
Blu3 80 dtmall of u

Autumn Dies-Irae: Y'know, Javi, just because you're right about certain things doesn't mean you have to rub it in my fucking face.

carcin the spy 💚: i expected you to cry like a bitch and i would have to talk you out of suicide
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