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Jan   Novo Mesto, Slovenia
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Remember kids: Everytime you jump away from your medic and the enemy soldier bombs him a little kitten dies. Don't kill innocent kittens!


CPU: Intel Xeon E5440 @ 2.83GHz
Heatsink: Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B
MB: Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR
RAM: 2×2 GB DDR3
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder 3.5G Black
Mouse mat: Steelseries QcK+
Keyboard: Chicony KB-9810
Headset: E-3LUE Cobra HS707
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Random quotes
22:46 - 30.06: brit nerds defending each other
22:46 - 30.06: they should not be allowed to play the league
22:47 - 30.06: after brexit
[17:18:00] <svins> Thank you very much! Stay strong against the refugees. Bye!
1:32 - |FV| Jan: you know, the one that is extender + has like 3 holes
1:33 - |FV| Jan: dunno how you call that in english
1:33 - Rockin132: A woman
1:33 - Rockin132: :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)
1:33 - |FV| Jan: ahahahahha
Lin: Is everyone in their winter outfit?
Hannibal: Well, I'm in my underwear.
23:33 - Birdy: <3 you forever.
(TEAM) tiotty97 : you have fancy hat
tiotty97 : i heal you
21:00 - Affordable Asshole: you are my cp sunshine cp sun shine
21:00 - Affordable Asshole: you make me happy when map pools are gray
21:00 - Affordable Asshole: you will never know, how much i pick you
21:01 - Affordable Asshole: so pls dont map ban my sunshine away
[01:24:45] (Channel) assex: i like to fap on my math teacher
MEEP : and i never used trigger
MEEP : only aimbot
17:40 - |FV| cobra: btw forgot to mention that at some point in the scrim i am bound to have my internet crashed as i fall into the deep void of darkness and hell without internet while im leaving behind friends, family, and teammates who are cursed with the horrible burden of playing 5v6 without a demo
Jan: Why aren't there any tier 1 russian teams in CS:GO then?
frixx: Cuz they are all braindead cheaters ... just like in tf2.
19:22 - |FV| Gwandarion: You have been reported to twitch.tv's admins for violating the privacy of a dutch family.
[20:22:49] |FV| Plushie: Če Jana ni pol slovenskega tf2ja ni
5:31 - DSL: je frix posrečen ej, včeri ga vmes prašam kk ma sens v cs pa tf2, pa reče, ej js nimam pojma to, js mam vse default nism nikol spreminjo nč, hahah :)
rehab: vsi špilajo kot da majo trial za epsilon v soboto popoldne na mixu lol
20:11 - |FV| Lin: what is this..
20:11 - |FV| Lin: those guys...xD
20:11 - |FV| Lin: making fun of the shotgun 's reloading sound cuz it sounds like a wet pussy getting fingered.
20:11 - |FV| Lin: wtf.
pavlin: Pige0n, you're too good in TF2. Did you consider doing something in your life?
0:20 - cali: we have
0:20 - cali: tits advantage
0:20 - cali: push
17:34 - SuperRetard: i'm german now and gonna invade polen [going to take a shit]
10:45 - |FV| El Retardó: they are like an orgasm in your mouth [comment on barbequed pineapples]
23:35 - sebastian20195: and boundary is my new favorit
23:35 - sebastian20195: its the perfect map for me
23:35 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: for you and your love ;)
23:36 - sebastian20195: hahahaha :*
23:36 - sebastian20195: don't tell him im chatting with another boy
23:36 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: wait
23:36 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: wat?
23:36 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: i was talking about your black box xD
23:37 - sebastian20195: aHAHAHAHA OMG xDDDDDDDDDD
21:57 - |FV| El Retardó: should i ask if they have hamsters?
21:57 - |FV| El Retardó: i'm too shy :s
21:57 - |FV| El Retardó: you do that
[After finding out they don't have a hamster.]
22:00 - |FV| El Retardó: They microwaved it already :S
22:28 - Stealkelpie: I proposed to him in chat
22:28 - Stealkelpie: and he said yes
22:29 - Stealkelpie: :O
22:29 - Stealkelpie: now im married
23:36 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: So the server will be migrating to the new machine sometimes soon
23:36 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: In july probably
23:36 - |FV| El Retardó: dat emigrant serv
23:36 - |FV| El Retardó: :D
23:38 - |FV| El Retardó: so is tjasa
23:36 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: Hahahaha
23:38 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: Why is she emigrant?
23:38 - |FV| El Retardó: HACKING
23:38 - |FV| El Retardó: yNOT EMIGRANT
23:38 - |FV| El Retardó: "matt is hacking"
23:38 - |FV| El Retardó: "so is tjasa"
23:38 - |FV| El Retardó: "WHY IS SHE EMIGRANT"
23:38 - |FV| El Retardó: dafuq jan
23:38 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: Oh
23:39 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: I didn't get that
23:39 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: Wifi is dying all the time and i don't get all messages on the phone too
16:51 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: why don't you change provider?
16:52 - |FV| Wager: Cuz for that I've to go out of ze house
16:53 - |FV| Wager: I'm scared of people ._.
16:53 - |FV| Wager: xD
16:53 - |FV| Jan /SGNm: hahahaha
15:02 - Wager: What is estonia ?
21:37 - |FV| Retard's Turbo Underpants: you haven't updated the quote thing in your profile for a long time
21:37 - |FV| Retard's Turbo Underpants: so i thought i'd make something
21:37 - |FV| Retard's Turbo Underpants: my sisters tits are big
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