James Brock
Micheal   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Freelance Artist - Currently Unemployed
Current second in command of the 1st Foot Guards.
- Please let me know why you want to add me in the comments, I do not always accept everyone.
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A little Info / Regimental things.
All this talking all the time, and the air fills up until there's nothing left to breathe.
- Isaac Brock
Hello There!
I am Brock, also known as James Brock. I am a stupid mad admirer for the Napoleonic era of history. I play every game in the Napoleonic time set. Veteran Leader in the Mount & Blade: Napoleonic War community. - also an Anglophile

I will sort my expertise in leading and effectiveness, for the following catagories of gameplay.

Infantry ★★★★★
Skirmishers ★★★☆☆
Artillery ★★★★☆
Cavalry ★☆☆☆☆

Stars. Im aware its extra.
Famed Regiments of a worth time and experience.

NA - 23rd Regiment of foot - One Year - Major -
NA - 29th Regiment of foot - Seven Months - Serjeant -
NA - 39th Regiment of foot - One Year - Cpt -
Other Regiments

EU - 32nd Regiment of foot - Couple of weeks.
NA - 36th Foot Guards - Less then a week.
Administrating expertise:
Airplanes / Airplanes NA
Plenty others~

I have been playing NW for 5 Years Already and counting. I will also be moving to Holdfast [www.holdfastgame.com] when it is released on steam.

God save the King!

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last played on Nov 19
Zarathustra | 17e Nov 20 @ 6:37am 
God save the Queen
James Brock Sep 20 @ 11:22am 
Thank you! Be sure to leave a reply on the thread so the developers can see your support!
[AFO]Vito''Mafia'' Sep 20 @ 1:08am 
Hey man I saw your post on holdfast about the reload and stuff. I got to say i'm 100% with you on it!
Baron Foster Sep 2 @ 7:16pm 
Holdfast Reg Rep
James Brock Jul 18 @ 7:40pm 
Everyone preffered it over skirms so like what the hell.
James Brock Jul 18 @ 7:40pm