all my heteros are dead
Peter piper picked a pepper I could pick your brain and put your heart together

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roWhe Mar 26 @ 9:49pm 
The wheel of fate turns. We must relent.
w all do g Mar 26 @ 7:40pm 
carcin Mar 2 @ 8:34pm 
TF2, believe it or not, is a multiplayer game with many different people, ages, genders, and backgrounds. Many of these people enjoy different classes and ways to play those classes. One thing we must never forget is that we must play with the eight other classes in the game. While engineer might be your favorite class, spy might be someone else’s favorite class. As a result, we will always have to play with or against those different classes.
illaoi mid god Mar 1 @ 6:21am 
tfw you drop a brand new roll of toilet paper into the toilet bowl :((
nmetwwawa Feb 25 @ 1:29pm 
VoxDei Feb 24 @ 4:27pm 
Yo. Trying to figure out the name of this Kid Cudi song. The hook goes "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ohhhhhhhh Mmmmm Mmmmm huuummmmmmmm"
Any idea?