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About me
I trade high tier collector's items. The more rare, the better!
Tier V Steam Rep Donor [steamrep.com]
Significant Donor of Metjm [metjm.net] (special thanks given) [metjm.net]
Significant Donor for Csgo.exchange [csgo.exchange]
Friend of site owners, professional CSGO players, YouTube/Twitch TV personalities.
Previous Owner of the #1 Souvenir FN Dragon Lore 0.01 signed by Fallen [csgo.exchange]
Voted as "2016 Top Contributor" by the members of /r/GOTrade
Owner of Full Set Series 1 Pins
Owner of Full Set Series 2 Pins
Most everything in my inventory is for sale, just ask!
Check out my Exchange profile to see all current items and floats. [csgo.exchange]

My services
Locate and acquire specific item(s)
Purchase and provide entire inventory loadouts
Connect individuals with those in my extensive network
Purchase keys or items in bulk
Purchase expensive "1 of a kind" items

Always make sure you're dealing with me
I have multiple impersonators, so please always double check that you're dealing with me.
Over 2,500 hours in CSGO
69+ games
Level 321+
12 Years of Service
3,100+ trades made
Member of the Cool Cat Collector Club
Member of the $25k+ Club
13+ pages of serious Cash Rep (with multiple $10k+ trades)

Current Inventory
0.009 ST Karambit Sapphire - NONDUPED ( on Opskins [opsk.in])
0.002 Karambit Emerald (perfect corner)
0.003 M4A4 Howl (perfect stock)
0.01 Karambit Sapphire (s1mple's old one)
0.001 Bayonet Ruby (perfect)
0.001 Bayonet Sapphire (perfect)
ST Karambit Fire and Ice (w/ awesome corner)
ST AK Blue Laminate w/ 3 x Titan Holo & 1 IBP Holo Kato 2014
0.003 FN Knight w/ Crown Foil
0.008 CZ Chalice w/ Crown Foil
0.0009 ST M9 P2

Favorite Inventory (had all at once):
#1 St M9 Emerald 0.02x (the one s1mple uses)
#3 Lore 0.0000x
#3 Medusa 0.001x
#6 ST Karambit Sapphire 0.00x
ST M9 Sapphire 0.01x
ST Kara Fire and Ice - best corner
#1 FN Knight 0.00003x
#5 MP9 Bulldozer 0.060x
#5 P250 Whiteout 0.060x
#7 MP7 Whiteout 0.061x
#4 ST M9 P2 Doppler 0.000x
#26 FN Howl 0.003x Non Duped
Deagle Blaze 0.002x
Glock Fade 0.003x
M4 Howl 0.020x

Screenshot Info:
sv_cheats 1;
mp_freezetime 0;
mp_roundtime 60;
mp_roundtime_defuse 999;
mp_roundtime_hostage 999;
mp_buy_anywhere 1;
mp_buytime 999;
sv_infinite_ammo 2;
mp_startmoney 16000;
cl_drawhud 0;
fov_cs_debug 95;
mp_drop_knife_enable 1;
sv_skyname vertigoblue_hdr;
mat_postprocess_enable "0";
fog_enable 0;

Console for MM:
rate "128000"
cl_cmdrate "128"
cl_updaterate "128"
cl_interp "0"
cl_interp_ratio "1"
cl_lagcompensation "1"
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☆Retarded Moose May 28 @ 3:54am 
I want to trade my knife to you.
Inspect it ingame for the pattern
Big Boy hellcase.com May 26 @ 10:57am 
you have my name on m9 lol.

soo random
ProBear Emerald.gg May 23 @ 7:52am 
added for trading :D
skin.tradecs.money May 23 @ 1:48am 
Hello dude, have question about metjim, need help
Matt May 22 @ 10:23pm