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       My contributions to TF2
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(Replay Update, May 5th, 2011)
    Furious Fukaamigasa ! [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Australian Christmas 2011, December 15, 2011)
   "Santa's Little Accomplice"
      * Big Elfin Deal [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * Bootie Time [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * Wrap Assassin [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Fourth Annual Spectral Halloween Special, October 26, 2012)
    Spooky Sleeves [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Spooky Shoes [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Fifth Annual Spectral Helloween Special, October 29, 2013)
   "The Murky Lurker"
      * Vicious Visage [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * Abhorrent Appendages [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Scream Fortress VI, October 29, 2014)
    "The Manngaroo"
      * The Marsupial Muzzle [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * The Roo Rippers [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * The Kanga Kickers [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    "The Automated Abnormality"
      * The Arsonist Apparatus [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * The Moccasin Machinery [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Batman Arkham Contest, December 04, 2015)
    "Sixties Sidekick"
      * Sidekick's Side Slick [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * The Bat Backup [wiki.teamfortress.com]
      * Crook Combatant [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Smissmas 2016, December 21, 2016)
    Sweet Smissmas Sweater [wiki.teamfortress.com]
(Jungle Inferno, October 20, 2017)
    Aztec Warrior [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Feathered Fiend [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Deity's Dress [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Sacrificial Stone [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Aztec Aggressor [wiki.teamfortress.com]
    Bait and Bite [wiki.teamfortress.com]


High-res textures for Spooky Shoes/Sleeves (.vpk) [dl.dropboxusercontent.com]

Arsonist Apparatus + Moccasin Machinery (combined in 1 item), replaces Charred Chainmail [dl.dropboxusercontent.com]
Workshop Showcase
Soccer Taunt for Scout.

NOTE: the taunt uses the already in-game soccer ball prop that spawns when the "Ball-Kicking Boots" item is equipped. It's scaled to 70% because it was a bit big for the taunt.

[ url=http://steamcommunity.com/id/JZeeba/myworksh
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<<GT500>> JoyZeeba 13 hours ago 
Si, tal vez como reskin pueda ser, lo pensare, pero tengo una larga lista de cosas pendientes primero XD
Tezcatl Dec 9 @ 9:24pm 
o como dices.. algo para el soldier y el demoman.. un reskin de la Katana podría ser XD
Tezcatl Dec 9 @ 9:11am 
Oh entiendo :( si te la creo, así es Valve de castroso... lo que piden mas los jugadores incluyéndome son nuevas armas que cosméticos eso es un hecho y en youtube esta repleto de armas beta para el TF2 muy impresionantes que harían una mejor experiencia al juego, si quisieran extender su vida. Aunque por eso mejor dije reskin para la eyelander para que no fuera tan imposible con eso de una nueva arma que puede que este rota y desvalancie el juego. si aceptaron la reskin de la Machina del sniper con la estrella fugaz (Shooting Star)... una reskin para el eyelander era mas posible.
<<GT500>> JoyZeeba Dec 9 @ 8:35am 
@Tezcatl - Pensamos en un arma de ese tipo cuando estabamos haciendo el set del Heavy tambien para Mayann, pero como Valve casi nunca acepta armas, mejor nos concentramos en los cosmetic items. Sigue siendo una buena idea de todos modos, podria funcionar tanto para el Demo, Soldier...
<<GT500>> JoyZeeba Dec 9 @ 8:33am 
@FishTigress- I also hadn't seen ur friend request. I literally have over 200 random requests...
<<GT500>> JoyZeeba Dec 9 @ 8:32am 
@FishTigress - Hey man, thanks for showing me the concepts. Tbh I'm not interested at the moment, got too many things going on. I think the hats could maybe work, but the other items feel a bit off from the character's personalities, especially the Heavy set. The Spy hat is the one that I feel has the greater chances.