Jaws The Dalek
yee   Heard & McDonald Islands
Reason why Im in Commie groups?

To cause havoc

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue.
In Soviet Russia,
Game plays you.

Get The Flowers Out

Hey, please take a moment to read this:
Im recovering from an adware infection that has caused serious damage to my system, and my financial situation is not well. Friends, if I say no to games, then its no. For now, I am taking my time in the Roleplay part of my life. I am saving for a Gaming laptop, and if you have anything I might be interested in please comment it. I would like 2+ TB and 12+ RAM, Nvidia graphics

você mesmo

Real life information:

Wouldn`t you like to know

Who I support:
Donald trump
KKKencuky fried chicked

Song Ive been working on:
Some Faggot stole my icecream,
he stole it right out of ma` hand
he walked to the sewer
He looked right up, and smiled at me
He tossed right in-n-n-n-t-t-t-o-o the S-E-W-E-R
I was angry as hell,
I was to prevail
I barely missed him
His face ran into the pavement
His stomach punched my fist
(Upbeat music plays)
He was down for the count
I was to finish him
Some cops came over
The put me in their car
I was going to be put behind bars
As I said before, I was to prevail
I wouldn`t go into their jail
I still needed to get

I was angry as hell, I was to prevail
I broke the bars on their window
I broke ma` handcuffs
I dropped-rolled into the street
But I was almost as dead as raw meat
The car turned around
I started running

All I have so far
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Hi Jaws! Have you tried the Demo of Rise of the Foederati?
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kurwa mac
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good students get As but bad female students can turn Ds into A+++s
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what the fuck man
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I wanna talk with you