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I can still remember back to January 2013 when I'd received this as a Christmas gift from my oldest brother, and once I started playing, I'd been sucked in for the next few days! Exploring the beautiful and incredibly huge world upon of a captivating story & experience that made me feel like a part of Skyrim ... I mean, if I look towards playing again, I prefer to be able to allot at least a couple or more hours just to get back into the feel of it all.
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Happy New Year to all of my many Steam friends! I wish you all a wonderful 2018!

I now stream (perhaps daily) at {LINK REMOVED}

Regarding Invites & Socialism:
DO NOT invite me to your groups unless you are on my Friends list. IF NOT, please ask me first!
To all those who love to spam invites around, I honestly do not mind it ... unless the group promotes porn and/or hatred . If the group is in some language other than English , please DO NOT invite me to it—I simply WILL NOT take the time to understand what the heck the other language says. Thank you for understanding. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause upon your spamming needs.


If you have removed ways of contact with me, and I don't know why, and I go searching for you, here is why: I have a tendency to dislike being disconnected from others. So, please understand that I am not trying to stalk you or spam you.

Anyhow, I happen to be a gamer; programmer; gun nut (trap, muzzle, and blackpowder); occasional fisher; people-person; opinionated bugger; common-sense, anti-stupidity, and free speech, and gun advocate.

Speaking of gaming:

• 1st Games: Wolf Pack (c. 5 March 2012)
• 100th Game: East India Company Gold (25 Oct 2014)
• 150th Game: Lucius (5 September 2015)
• 200th Game: Fallout 4 (10 November 2015)
• 300th Game: Influent - Deutsche [Learn German] (12 January 2016)
• 400th Game: Dark Souls III (9 April 2016)
• 500th Game: Dishonored 2 (8 November 2016)

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is my first ever Steam game I've played for 100 hours + as of January 6, 2018 at 8:35 PM!

I review indie games at Indie Gamers UK [indiegamers.co.uk] and hardly anything by now, other than a mobile game and a movie, at my own BLAZONREVIEWS [blazonreviews.wordpress.com] ... although you can check out what games I recommend at Curation page and I also run a first impressions series on my YouTube channel called Blazin' Indies . CEO/Founder of BLAZONNET [BLAZONNET.wordpress.com].
Check out my reviews either to the right or at The Flippin' Awesome!!!! .
I am willing to do Middleman services!! :D

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Creator/Founder of AfterMath - a post-apoc text-based game (AM|TBG)
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Moderator of Game giveaway group (〖OpG〗)
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JBJblaze 43 minutes ago 
What's with my face? Whatcha mean?
Max Payne 4 hours ago 
Max Payne 4 hours ago 
then whats is with your face,
JBJblaze 6 hours ago 
I hardly swear... Otherwise, for one, it's 'kindergarten'... two, I'm over 20, but I do still prefer that my Steam Profile remains PG. That or at least PG-13 without any insults.
Max Payne 7 hours ago 
like you never swear >_>
even kindergrounden children swear!
are you under 6?
JBJblaze 21 hours ago 
Max Payne, I will give you another chance, but leave a comment like 'f**king blow me' again and I will remove the rest of your comments. That crap was uncalled for.