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Vinni: "I want to be on your profile"
^There you go, but I forgot the quote you added because I CLOSED MY GAME FML

matzi LFT : don't drop pls
denkra: jaros go wild mlg med
Pépito! : use the medigun please
MS | Autarchristmas : Oh great they have the only brony vaccinator main that's good
MS #newvid : I'm reporting you to Mother Tereza for using that medi gun
MS #newvid : enjoy your ban
Råmbosaur : vacc ban
Rok The Spooky Goat : this medic is retardet
*DEAD* Rok The Spooky Goat : gg
*DEAD* Rok The Spooky Goat : bye
Player Rok The Spooky Goat left the game (Disconnect by user.)
*DEAD*(TEAM) Phoenix : retard med
(TEAM) мотоцикл : Jaros retard
*DEAD* lf : med idiot
spooks : retarded medic on vacc
*DEAD* spooks : fucking ponies
chieƒ : omg brony bitch reported
Jaros killed AHDRYH91996 with fryingpan. (crit)
Jaros killed Keernori with fryingpan. (crit)
*DEAD* AHDRYH91996 : jaros random
*DEAD* Keernori : hack krits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*DEAD* Ervis : pan master
KittyKat ♡: still 10 times better than their vacc shitter
KittyKat ♡: why is he using vacc against a fucking sentry + heavy + demo spamm
KittyKat ♡: ask him if he's stupid
(TEAM) -villejh- : don't use vacc kids
Ja : please V A C C us
(TEAM) iiiiiiiiiii : can you not use a trash medi gun xx
endless. : jaros the vacc god
endless. : he protecc he attac but most importantly he vacc
samuraisaktio: what vacsinator script you do use ?
Jaros killed BKTS with fryingpan.
*DEAD* BKTS : fuck off
*DEAD* BKTS : god please
Jaros killed Kocurro with fryingpan.
*DEAD* Kocurro : bitch
Jaros killed 432 with fryingpan.
*DEAD* 432 : jaros u and your pan
*DEAD* 432 : jesus
grill : it hurts me
demecy : I beg of you, do not use the vacc
demecy : you will save many monitors
*DEAD* :] : Med takes 6 stickies at once
:] : and doesnt die
:] : with fucking vac
Villdjack : i love jaros
Jaros killed ripha77 with fryingpan.
ripha77 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
*DEAD* Canlock|New Headset : where is med :c
Cnoz mix/merc : panning me ;_;
Jaros: Medic is a strong class
Villdjack merc: jaros knows
Vetleaks: strongest
Pimskii : vacc is gay
*DEAD* B K T S : jaros is gay
Jaros killed merdoacet with fryingpan.
merdoacet : GET THE FUCK
Cookie_ lft hl PRO roaster rider: jaros is god med
Cookie_ lft hl PRO roaster rider: forever
dabeste :'>: yay we have the big jaros
Cookie_ lft hl PRO roaster rider: biggest one
vexo -UA-: I don't remember you Jaros
Cookie_ lft hl PRO roaster rider: if you dont know jaros u are a pleb
lord sunday #newsensitivity : oh
lord sunday #newsensitivity : god
lord sunday #newsensitivity : its
lord sunday #newsensitivity : jaros
lord sunday #newsensitivity : he will meme us all with vac
Kem : Jaros uses pan lmao cos he dont need saws
*DEAD* WE ARE MOTÖRHEAD ! : omg vaccinator
*DEAD* Råmbosaur : holy autism
*DEAD*(TEAM) AlesKee : jaros youre a cunt and i love you for it
R4nd0m : vacc+heavy pregame? who hurt you?
*DEAD* Vetleaks lft : fucking vacc...
marv: jaros is a god
Canlock : not the pan
(TEAM) ven0m : medic stop using fucking vac
*DEAD* Pimskii : kms
I got 3 phones : cancer af
*DEAD*(TEAM) ven0m : no vac pl
(TEAM) ven0m : plz
*DEAD* cyka : at least ik which retards to ban next lobby
kkkkk : are you ready for GOD JAROS
kkkkk changed team name to JAROS
(TEAM) Raava : please
(TEAM) Raava : get off
(TEAM) Raava : vacc
*DEAD* ken lft : ban vacinator
Ja : jaros your'e gay
marv : are you guys legit gay, 24/7 vaccinator
ph0ny : you dont know jaros ?
Liko: product 1 med, no jaroses allowed
(TEAM) ACLD_sharkey : med dont use vacinator
(TEAM) Zack"s Heart : med dont vacc
Jaros killed 1st samurai with fryingpan. (crit)
*DEAD* 1st samurai : COME ON
Zolith the Rugged Man : You got vac Jaros and i'll kick you in your little brony dick.
17:53:58 Polarium: JAROS
17:54:15 .kam?!: oh god
17:54:17 .kam?!: the vacc guy
Jaros killed iko with fryingpan. (crit)
*DEAD* Jaros : B))))
*DEAD* iko : bitch
megashoot guy : they have ultimate horsefucker medic (vacc)
megashoot guy : they can push us really fast
Canlock : LOL
(TEAM) phossey : vaccinatoe?
(TEAM) phossey : lol
*DEAD*(TEAM) Ryxsen : vac OP
Buck824 : jaros pls not vacc
Ledzo : getting fucked by vaccinator is like getting raped by a little girl
Endrit =) : i like it when i do 9 dmg per fucking stickty
The Gibus Messiah (Lord Helix) : hevy + medic = cancer
Kenny : Fucking braindead team
(TEAM) vekling : real medigun plsss
COWBOI TANAKA : hate taht vaccinator
CaveRock : playing violin on a frying pan
Having a heart attack, afk : he heals the wrong guys
Having a heart attack, afk : and is vaccinator
tomppa: GOD JAROS
*DEAD* ingushikabardincivse : fucking ponyfags
*DEAD* SirDef11 : infinite medic
Ch4bby : this medic is fucking amazing
*DEAD* theangelina : jaros you bitch
Babaužis: Are you retarded?
Retards everywhere : retard med
Retards everywhere : go fucking pub with your gibus kind
Mr. Sympathy LFT sniper : is vaccinator banned??
Captain Banania ᶠᶰ : jaros ur shitty medigun work today
*DEAD*(TEAM) [d¿s] s-s-spammyh. : med ur horse shit
*DEAD*(TEAM) Captain Banania ᶠᶰ : jaros this fucking medigun again
*DEAD*(TEAM) Captain Banania ᶠᶰ : is shit
Muted: jaros you are a scrub
(TEAM) ZO0MBie : why vacc dude
(TEAM) ZO0MBie : just wht
(TEAM) ZO0MBie : why*
(TEAM) Itachi : vacc op
(TEAM) ZO0MBie : vacc gat
(TEAM) ZO0MBie : gay
DreamR_ : how you mean vaccinator OP
*DEAD* DreamR_ : rly
Pendulum LFT HL Mid/Gold: i dont even undertant why vacc is not banned?
Pendulum LFT HL Mid/Gold: its overpowered
hamaham:dont play with vaccinator
hamaham:there are no stats to farm
ahx lamebot : vaccinator
Mimo: jaros hales own cancer now
Zamparonie: oh look its jaros
Zamparonie: the one and only good vacc medic
*DEAD*(TEAM) Bobby Rossio : medic is a god
JUSTICERAINSFROMABOVE : jaros pls no vackinator
(TEAM) zanga222 : are you really going to use the vac
17:34:21 duke: jaros is a salty cracker
Wozzyameister : this medic with this gun fucking bastard
Wozzyameister : jaros piece of shit
*DEAD* mezzo #trolled : yor fucking bad
BakY : vacc cancr
Cronkᴸᵘᶜʳᵒˢᵃ: i want jaros!!!!
*DEAD* Bayor : fucking vagginator
*DEAD*(TEAM) Divi : normal medigun is very cool
Bayor changed team name to JAROS
*DEAD*(TEAM) Its All Over : see what i mean
*DEAD*(TEAM) Its All Over : fucking cucks
*DEAD* Its All Over : Our team is on Vacc
*DEAD* Its All Over : ffs
(TEAM) Spriteᴹᵉᵉᴹ : can u not be on vax :/
spastic ruda : our medic doesnt even know how to rollout
Nare Man : Someone on red kick Jaros. For hacking please.
ǝʞɐƆ ǝlddɐǝuᴉԀü : how is he hacking
Nare Man : He killed me
(TEAM) ZO0MBie : for the love of pizza,pls dont use vacc
hamaham : zoombie have you never played a lobby with jaros
hamaham : guy mains vacc for stats
*DEAD*(TEAM) 30.06 : gj med
*DEAD*(TEAM) 30.06 : med u dont know use vacci really
Console: [TF2Center]: Reporting RED HEAVY: 30.06
Player 30.06 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
*DEAD* wsvdze ci glowe do prvlki : fFOR FUCK
*DEAD* wsvdze ci glowe do prvlki : SAKE
*DEAD* wsvdze ci glowe do prvlki : ALREADY RQ?
TitanCore : vacc
TitanCore : cancer
*DEAD* Csm.-ChAoS- : OH fucking vaccinator
*DEAD* Not Steven : vacinator :)))))
*DEAD* Not Steven : kms
Dekio : not the vaccinator fag again please
*DEAD* snek : wtf
*DEAD* snek : headshot on medic does 145
snek : stupid shit
Jaros killed Smokjab with fryingpan. (crit)
*DEAD* Smokjab : you fucking peice of shit
*DEAD* Smokjab : with your gay nigger lucky crits
*DEAD* Iro : Vaccinator sucks
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Jaros, my man.. This med knows who does it mean to be a good medic in the greatest game which is Team fortres 2. Well i really miss times when we were playing together mate.. You should know that i really remember those times in a good way. I wish to myself we will play in the same roster again in the future! Overall for you and your lovely ones everything the best! Cya in the game. :okey:
Jaros Nov 22, 2017 @ 6:15am 
Sure, but when I have time, my apologies