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Deltaox Feb 28 @ 7:00am 
Sorry for my cussin'
BrandoDaKilla Feb 2 @ 6:27pm 
Charko Gang we roll up. Charko Gang we SHOW UP!
Deltaox Feb 2 @ 6:04am 
Its fuckin✔ nice out👀☀ whos👥 tryna chill❄ and boot off Mono🔊🔊 feel me? I got✔ ur 📑isp hit my line➡📞. Ahhh fuck, I have to get up and do someth- 🍎🍎 FUCK. KUST DROPPED MY 🍎APPLES. GOT DAM DIET , WHY CANT I BE 450🐒💃 POUNDS🍗 AND WITHOUT ❤HEART DISEASE. ANYWAYS, Either dm📥 me ANY 💳🙅isp. Or threaten to boot off a 13-year-old because you lost a argument. 📲📲 bro i got✅ur 💻dns I'm tryna boot.😤
Deltaox Jan 30 @ 6:04am 
Hello my friend, this is the administrator of GapingApeHole ISP.

We have noticed you haven't used a VPN in two weeks, we're just checking to see that everything is okay with our biggest 📴booter-offer📵 becausr there has been 💃🐒suspicious activity theough your IP. OH FUCK! I 📥DROPPED MY 🍗🍗KFC. WELL. Since you booted us off last time we've 🔁updated📥 our DNS and chose a different Internet Provider. See what happens next when you boot off 🔉Mono🔉.👇

🐒Brandon Trumpa💩🙉
Deltaox Jan 29 @ 9:34am 
Wassup you 🙅lil bitch, 🙈🙈💩Brandon Trump💩💩🙉 is 🐒rollin'💃 in. U forgot 2 pay ur 💲💲💰FINE,💲💰💳 now u won't have any 📵📴internet access. FUCK! I JUST 📥DROPPED MY CHINESE🍚, TAKE-OUT. Say 👋✋👋bye, bye because Mono🔉🔉 head as in next. I'll see u next 🔜month when ur 📠router turns🔐🔒🔒 🔙🔛. 🔜. ENJOY KID.
Deltaox Jan 26 @ 11:22am 
What's 😙KISSIN in that STD 🐒infested 😃mouth💄 you little 🐕BITCH!🐕 You've reached 🙌👊🐒Brandon Trump LLC. and ur 💻router📠📲📲 has been 🔍💥targeted,🔎📴pay a 💲FINE💲 of 200 or have 📵📵❌no internet access for a ⏳week⏳. Your is🅿 has been 🎥🎬recorded📑🎥🎬 so no 😂funny😊 business!📰 your router will TURN 🔙 🔛 after u pay the 💲FINE💲💲☑🔑🔒