wants to cry because of his stupid stye.
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Welp, this is a development / artsy place.
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                                  Welcome to my Profile !
Hello! This is always how it is, never changing or creative with it's titles for any other info box, and I am fine with that.

Alt account : Irri number two

Email :

                                      The things that will be on my profile name :

• Meaning that I am making sprites / animations for my game.
• It's okay to message me while doing so, I might or not-at-all respond to you.

• I highly recommend that you don't message me at this point, talking to me will just be worthless to your time.
• As well as talking soft-spoken to me, either force cheer me up or don't spout anything.

                                                          Best friends :
• Pancake Dwarf                                                                                                 EXtothePERT •
• GEX / NICO                                                                                                                   E.E. •
• Pixel / Malchore                                                                                                          Breeze •
• FREDBEAR                                                                                                                  Cindy •
• Lighter                                                                                                             NoSpanky4Me •
• White Kitsune                                                                                                          Enderloid •
• Esper                                                                                                                         randolf •
• Fantomexe                                                                                                             Enderzilla •
• Alan
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Enderloid 1 hour ago 
I feeel f a n t a s t i c
hey hey he-ey
Terri 6 hours ago 
ryan u smell
Terri Jun 27 @ 4:00pm 
*is ashamed teh lols xd sad face*
leafy Jun 27 @ 3:59pm 
terri ur a bully, u should be ASHAMED
Terri Jun 27 @ 3:22pm 
How is this "bullying" exactly? I'd really love to know. Also perfectly fine to single me out when multiple other people are also making jokes about it.
IrriNinja Jun 27 @ 2:17pm 
@Terri Stop bullying my friends.