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bro im having a mental breakdown

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9/10/17, Rocket Launcher hit 8500 kills

cloud - Today at 1:10 PM
milk wanna edate
milk - Today at 1:10 PM

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Season 15 Scout/Pyro sub for =ktz= (4-4) [iron]
Season 18 Spy Main for SMPWR (3-5) [iron]
Season 21 Soldier Main (w2-w5)/ Sub (w6+) for eLs (5-3) [steel] Playoffs
Season 22 Spy sub for BNF 2.5 [silver] (5-3)
Season 23 Sub/Roster Ride for Σ [silver] (4-4)
Season 24 Spy Main for # [silver] (current)
Season 25 Something......

Season 24 Soldier Main (Pocket) for wfr. (4-4) [steel] Leader
Season 25 Soldier Sub (Pocket) for /hd/ (4-4) [steel] Leader
Season 26 Medic Sub for AWP [plat] (current)
Season 27 Soldier Main (Roamer) for /hd/ [silver] (upcoming) Leader

Season 10 Soldier Main for .gp4 (4-4) [steel] Leader
Season 11 Medic/Soldier Main for .ahh (3-5) [steel] Leader
Season 12 All-Class Sub for makaveli (1-7) [silver throw team]
Season 13 All Class for MEME [silver] (current) Leader

RGL 1 Day Cup Engineer Main for /hd/ (Division 3) 2-1 4th Place Leader
RGL Season 3 Engineer/Pyro Main for /hd3/ [Div 1] (upcoming) Leader
Ultiduo Season 5 Medic Main for /hd4/ (0-0) (upcming) Leader
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Syk0^&^ Feb 13 @ 7:50pm 
No you
cloud Feb 13 @ 6:15pm 
this copypasta is on my profile like 3 times
Syk0^&^ Feb 13 @ 6:15pm 
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cloud Feb 8 @ 7:21pm 
read my rust botkiller knife description
Enderrrrrrrrrrrrr Feb 8 @ 7:17pm 
i'm like 20% sure this girl is a trap but idc