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Hey there! are you a fan of anime? Then go ahead and hit that friend request button, if not.. Then not to be mean, but.. why are you here?
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Oh, hiya there, Anime nerd, 2hu extrodinare, Tales of fan, and or Kancoller! It's nice to meet you!, I'm sure you just happened to stumble upon my profile, but it would be nice to have more friends!. Just make sure you read my simple rules~, oh and I love twintails!

Hey!, why are you scrolling down?!

Guh.. J-Just stop!

Fine!, I'm sorry, you really wanna see something, don't you?, keep going!


Favorite anime of all time:
(Technically I love more than just
these six, these are just what I love
a whole lot. And as for anime movies
that would be, Kimi no na wa, the Haruhi movie,
and all of the Evangelion movies,
I've also been a fan of anime
for over sixteen years, ..but,
if you wanna get technical
I've been one all my life, heh.)

1. K-On

2. Fate/Stay

3. Fairy Tail

4. One Piece

5. Rozen Maiden

6. Love Live


Favorite Touhou's

What is your favorite Touhou ?

I have no favorite, as they all are equal to me..
Over these thirteen years I've known Touhou, I've gotten to know each and every one of these Touhou's, to the point where I didn't know who I liked more, so I chose to love everyone. You may think it's crazy, but it's who I am, and it's why I have a universal name, so I can use everyone, and of course other anime characters in general.


Favorite (Female) Tales of characters:

1. Marta Lualdi

2. Milla Maxwell

3. Sophie

4. Presea Combatir

5. Eleanor Hume

6. Tear Grants


Favorite (Male) Tales of characters:

1. Luke Fon Fabre

2. Eizen

3. Lloyd Irving

4. Yuri Lowell

5. Flynn Scifo

6. Zelos Wilder


Favorite Fate character's

Again, as per Touhou, it's hard to choose one, they're all so strong, and have they're own goals as to why they want the Grail, so I love them all.

Favorite franchises:

1. Tales of Franchise/Touhou series (It counts.)

2. Blazblue franchise

3. Final Fantasy franchise

4. Senran Kagura franchise

5. Atelier franchise

6. Lyrical Nanoha franchise
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Alexis.. I'll miss you forever, my dear friend. 1/13/2015.
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Hands off the twintails, they're mine.
"No matter who you may be, no matter where you come from. No one, and I mean no one in this world is born to be alone." - Me, 2013
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I'm a birb
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Oh, the memories.
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Relax a little

Here are some ground rules.

1. Don't befriend me just to have me in your friends list, please talk to me.

2. I'll accept fans of my own fandoms, of course that includes anime, so if you love anime, hit the add button!

3. Don't bombard me with messages if I don't respond, I'm busy
Quite often, I need to concentrate.

4. Asking me for donations (I don't know why you would, I mean
I barely have much to begin with.) is annoying, so obviously don't
do it.

5. Don't be a complete dick to Me for no reason, I like kind people.

6. Thank you.
My friends come before my own safety, I could careless for my own.
-Day of birth, Present day 2016

⑨ facts about Me.
I love Jazz.
I'm a vegan.
I'm a Lefty!, And proud of it!
I'm a PC Gamer, if it wasn't obvious.
I enjoy my friends company.
I love helping anyone who needs it.
I love twintails.
I have have a lot of favorite anime
Touhou is my cocaine.
Hello there!, I am Shiori, a long
time anime fan! Yes, that
includes Touhou! I've known
Touhou for around a decade,
and anime my whole life!
I am also a PC Gamer, as you
can see, I'm just like every
typical gamer, well,
by typical you mean
growing up with PC games
And finding out about the
N64 later on,
then yes, that's
very typical,
either or.
...Ask for more information!
Here are some of the friends I love and hold dearly, (Not in any specific order, Don't take it the wrong way, I just talk to these people a lot, And this list isn't best to least best, They all are equally loved by Me, Sam and Nathan a little more, Though..)

Mom! | Bunny mommy~!

Ruby | You slack, Don't You?

Mari | You're really a good friend, One of My best friends even, Don't ever change Yourself.

Sammy | My Best friend, She is very lewd..Highly protective..A bit mean, But, She is a really good friend, I love Her, So very much, I would crawl to the end of the world for Her and Nathan.

Nathan | My Best Friend, Nathan is a laid back person, He is easy to get along with, Very kind, I love Him.

Ayabutt | Ooooh, Tory, If I hadn't met You, I don't think I would have as much fun as I always do in the games You and I play, I'd love for Us to one day play a song Together, Also, You have nice taste in Kitty Cat girls.


Ran | Love You~

Karthusin. | You're My twin, aren't you?

Retia. | Little Teddy Bear.

Kossetsu~ | Former Lewd idiot, I love You, Koko.

Lammy | Candy Idiot, You are a great Friend.

Mumu~ | I love You, Mumu~, You I and Koko are going to be really good friends forever!

My Older Sister! | You better get back on sometimes, Lunasa!, I and Merlin miss You!

Andrew | One of the best People I ever met, always there for me

My second Oldest Sister! | I love You, Merlin~, Lets hope Lunasa gets back on sooner or later, We have a lot of catching up to do!

My precious Kouhai: Cordelia

That is about it!, see you with twintails!.. That made no sense.
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