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What's Wrong Isn't Me, What's Wrong Is The World!
Never Trust Anyone Too Much Remember The Devil Was Once An Angel
Life is to constantly sin. Life is evil itself. I am aware I am evil... And so are you all. Now, come kill me. And I shall do the same
I'm Slowly but surely going Insane

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Knife History Part 1
Shadow Daggers Vanilla
Huntsman Knife Slaughter Mw (Angel Pattern, Phonix)
(Got Scammed End Of Part 1)

Knife History Part 2
Falchion Knife Urbin Masked ft
Gut Knife Ultraviolet Ww
Flip Knife Scorched Ft
Butterfly Knife Chrimson Web Ww
Bayonet Vanilla
Bayonet Ultraviolet Mw
Flip knife Doppler Mw
Stat Trak Bayonet Vanilla
Butterfly Fade Fn (Dream knife)
(Got Dream Knife Next Quest)

Knife History Part 3
Falchion Night Bs
Gut knife Ultraviolet Ft
Stat Trak Gut knife Scorched Ft
Bayonet Forest Ddpat Bs
Bayonet Scorched Ww
Butterfly Urban Masked Ft
Bayonet Ultraviolet Ft
Huntsman Urban Masked Mw
Gut knife Doppler Fn
Gut Knife Marble Fade Fn
Stat Trak Butterfly knife Saferi Mesh Mw
Bowie Knife Night Ft
Karambit Knife Scorched Bs
Stat Trak Karambit Safari Mesh Ft
M9 Bayonet Blue Steel Mw
Karambit Night Ft
Karambit Stained Ft
Karambit Blue Steel Bs
Karambit Stained Mw
Stat Trak Karambit Borel Forest Mw
Flip Knife Marble Fade Fn
Bayonet Fade Fn
Karambit Crimson Web Ww
Bayonet Tiger Tooth Fn
Karambit Doppler Phase 1 FN
Stat Trak Karambit Marble Fade Fn
(Got Dream Knife Next Quest)

Knife History Part 4
Gut knife Ultraviolet Ww
M9 Bayonet Ultraviolet Bs
Falchion Knife Vanilla
Flip Knife Night Ft
Shadow Daggers Forest Ddpat Ft
M9 Bayonet Urban Masked Mw
Bowie Knife Boreal Forest Ft
Bayonet Marble Fade Fn
Stat Trak Tiger Tooth Fn
M9 Bayonet Phase 3 Fn

Knife History Part 5
Flip Knife Boreal Forest Ft
Gut Knife Phase 3 Fn .0003

My Best Friends (not in order)
1.) Kush
2.) Morfeul
3.) 666 Hail Hitler 666
4.) Ghostpeb
5.) Crouton
6.) NukemDown
7.) The_Googs
8.) The_ModdingCat
9.) Furitive2
10.) Cosmos
11.) Trapstar
12.) Ghost
13.) Earnest
14.) Dg.
15.) Straf3

Anime I've Watched
1.) Sword Art Online
2.) Sword Art Online 2
3.) Bleach
4.) Death Note
5.) Naruto
6.) Naruto Shippuden
7.) Dragon Ball
8.) Dragon Ball Z
9.) Dragon Ball Super
10.) Fairy Tail
11.) Full Metal Alchamist
12.) Dead Man Wonderland
13.) Tokyo Ghoul
14.) Soul Eater
15.) Not So Soul Eater
16.) Heaven's Lost Property
17.) Blue Exrosist
18.) Attack On Titan
19.) Seven Deadly Sins
20.) K
21.) Punch Line
22.) Magi
23.) Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
24.) Parasyte
25.) One Punch
26.) Owari No Seraph
27.) Ajin Demi Human
28.) Boku No Hero
29.) Danmachi
30.) Servamp
31.) No Game No Life
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