Sky Da Shy ( ≧Д≦)
Ducky Duckling Ton   Kazakhstan
Falador Massacre - Never Forget - 6/6/6 ( alt account for dayz )

Bank Your Items. Ur fault.

Rose is Red, Violet is Blue. You're pretty cute, So I'd probably fuck you too.
I'm obviously a catfish. If you're here to diss survival games shit, go fuck yourself this person is not for you.

Probably take your time to read rules before adding me.

1. If you're a csgo gamer.. Just don't be toxic would you.
2. If you're a csgo gamer and you're toxic... just bugger off already no one fucking cares
3.If under any circumstances you invite me to a match.. and its De_Dust2, I'd advice you get out of my list right now.
4. If you're NOT a csgo gamer and you're toxic in general.. JUST BUGGER OFF!
5. I don't care about your gambling websites that need sponsership shit, If I see one of the message u send me having to do with it. l INSTANT REMOVAL l
6. I can accept mean shit and cancer stuff but if you just keep repeating it, It's gonna drive me mad.
7. If you like memes.. WELCOME!


Repetitive Bullshit Cancer Piece of Shit jokes.

I'm quite professional at being a cunt/dick/douchebag because I'm so tox6. I'm Professor Tom if you haven't known by now. I'm a teamplayer that doesn't give a fuck about the team. I'm also a good aimer because I got 1/100 hit ratio, I'm also clutch master I clutch 0/100 of the time. Yes you can say that I'm a fucking faggot and retarded and that's true, Tom's a fucking faggot and retarded amirite? I like to argue with hast because I'm a fucking faggot and you got to understand me. I might be so salty but I don't own $100 account and be shit just to show off that Bayo. to the world. Anyways I'm a fucking faggot and retarded so I want you guys to know that. Thank you for understanding this retarded cat.

If you are interested in giving me gifts. I would take M4A1-S l Flashback FN (Stattrak optional) or M4A1-S l Mecha Industries FN (Stattrak optional) or AK47 Neon Revolution FN (Stattrak optional)

2 number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip. a number 7 one with cheese and a large soda.

Yea Bob, It's a sexy bird.. Fuck me eyes.
How does one have an erection while talking to a girl?
#Friendzoned #Friendzoned #Friendzoned #Friendzoned #Friendzoned

I'm your fucking problem now bitch -Oryx (CONFUSION)

Love Later, Exams First. Due to me being me so I cant get one. That must be why no one accepts me. gosh why girls have to be like this.

ima just kill myself since I got no friends and no one will care

-quite talkative
useless piece of shit
no one cares
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Hello! You've stumbled on to my profile, I have to introduce myself.
I am Ducky! I'm a massive nerd of Runescape (althrough I'm bad at it).

As Above, So Glorious. <3


I'm basically broken inside, Take it as whatever you want, Edgy or whatever..

We're always at a crossroad.. It depends on yourself if you want to continue or end it quick..

"Regular porn where you suck the dick, lick on the pussy, have vaginal sex, and cum on her face.. that's the most boring shit I've ever heard" - A friend 2016
- - - - - - - - - - - - - J U K E B O X - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - We got a power to do that.
- - - Feel good inc.
- - - Emperor's New Clothes.
Before you add me, I got some few rules for you guys to consider before doing so. (maybe facts)

1. I'm a nerd.
2. I'm retarded.
3. I'm a massive tryhard.
4. I have some embarassing original characters.
5. If you'd like to assist me in the Runescape journey, I'll be pretty happy to have you here.
6. I like to pop some bad jokes.
7. I like to spend money on cosmetics.

Games that I play and if you need help on these games, You can ask me!
1. Toontown Rewritten (Former 108 Laffer)
2. Runescape
3. Don't Starve Together (I'm bad at it but, I can help you!) [ wilson x webber kk? ]
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Runescape - Flash

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let's be friends and end this
NRGRampage™ Jun 9 @ 8:23am 
NRGRampage™ Jun 9 @ 8:20am 
Lol here's a touching story once upn a time the ducky was ugly and the swans did not liked him - The end
Sky Da Shy ( ≧Д≦) Jun 9 @ 8:12am 
NRGRampage™ Jun 8 @ 6:22am 
Hello! You've stumbled on to my profile, I have to introduce myself.
I am Ducky! I'm a massive nerd of Runescape (althrough I'm bad at it). Well you are a nerd you stupid fucking retarded dog profile shit talker nobody likes u the way you treated them GO KYS like my profile says :)