top kek
krivanszki jenő   Kerepes, Pest, Hungary
read the textbox please!
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
Screenshot Showcase
sniper ready
inforamtions about me
sniper main since: 2014
soldier sub:since end of 2015
subs:soldier/scout []

UGC 4v4 lower Iron [ url=

you can foundme on orangex3-or on mge but some times im on scrims or playing with my leauge
i dont accept random friend request.
quited trading reason:tradehold

i love anime too
tryharding with:D3rkeiz aka the prolish cunt: his profile
demo/pocket soldier
topkek:sniper/pick-with jarate

check some screen shoots m8......>
Road to platinum
2k hours with sniper
1k hours with soldier
4k in tf2
250 friend normal people
300 games


Lajos bácsi :3:hacker szar
top kek lft:pf pls
Lajos bácsi :3:ott se voltál te kis fasz
Icex_28:hogy hacker
gere.david24:csalóóóóóóó csira
lft Corsair:Hogy a büdösúristen bassza rád az eget te aimes köcsög
troll001(G.E.W.H)nice aimbot i think
whiswi::well topkek is pure cancer with sniper
Darkp:ok that sniper is clearly hacking
DormándiHerkules:szerintem te vagy a lockos
pvpessem15: jó na ez aim tesa
pvpessem15:baszam meg az aimod te büdös geci
whiswi:mother fucker steel cunt on mge
luffina:still hate u kek
top kek:xd
lft br1vs:you are fucking sweet on mge with sniper and ss" ing go to hell
topkek:learn to counter ss and stop bodyshooting 20-3 m8


top kek: u tasted sperm WTF
D3rKeiZ: thats pretty normal
D3rKeiZ: most of man tried that
top kek: oh kayyyyyy
D3rKeiZ: google it
top kek: noo

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2,376 hrs on record
Currently In-Game
16.8 hrs on record
last played on Aug 15
35 hrs on record
last played on Aug 9
Black intriguing girl Jun 20 @ 4:02am 
LiL' May 22 @ 12:27pm 
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:D kölcsön kenyér May 17 @ 4:08pm 
signed by
10 D3rKeiZ May 15 @ 10:18pm 
Nice support i can get easy kills and be corsa :^)
SzendvicsGamer May 10 @ 12:52pm 
Pró solider és sniper
uh May 5 @ 10:56am