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Hello. I'm Male, aged 19.
Please IGNORE the "VAC ban on record". Before this account was passed onto me the original owner hacked the game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer"

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I'm Dyslexic:
Dyslexic can mean many things but in my case, I find it hard to read fast and get some letters confused such as " b p d " and even sometimes completly type the wrong word in a sentence. (Example: Dog turns into Door)

I'm Autistic:
Autism is a very hard thing to explain and is very different for all numbers of people but in my case it gives me a strange anger problem which changes my self around as if someone else takes control, though this sounds like I'm over exaggerating, I do very much mean this literaly. Long story short, if I call you a Hacker in-game or am suddenly very angry at you for something very small, that's the Other me. This also gives me a very high anti-social behaviour towards in-real-life situations, small examples being that I am unable to say "Sorry" or "Thank You" properly to someone.

I am a Brony:
A Brony is a person who is a fan of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", though this sounds strange, think of it like a cartoon such as "Adventure Time" or "The Powerpuff Girls", it is made to be Kid Freindly and clearly marketed towards kids, however, it ends up appealing to many groups of people who find the show interesting and unlike any of its past generations of the cartoon/show. Most of these types of shows originated from the channel "Cartoon Network" which focus on being a network for cartoons not aimed at a very specific age group. This network did originally host this very same show early into its life.

I am Bisexual:
This simply means I like both genders, male and female, however for me, I am more attracted towards the female gender.

I am in a Relationship:
I am in a relationship with a male partner and have been for a year or more.

This is the Ween album where shit gets real..
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